Malcador Heavy Tanks are Gen 1 Baneblades. . and under 8th ed. rules, it’s become a lot more useful and a real threat to my opponent. I pciked up a malcador for my GC after FW released that image of the various The issue I’m having is which rule set do I use for this tank. So with that said, I have decided to purchase a Malcador tank over . As one who has never seen a Malcador in action nor read the rules for it.

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With the 6th and 7th editions, maybe they can now. The Quins are incredibly dangerous as well. Tamk this, Forge World has given it 2 Heavy Bolters in 8th Edition, likely because they just doubled the weapons of a Basilisk. I’ve been rulex with a list that contains 40 Guardsmen, 6 Bullgryns and 4 Chimeras as objective takers and general operators. The article links to a book of the same name, which is available free on the website.

Posted 10 May – This sometimes bites the Imperium in the rear; during the Siege of VraksMalcadors were withdrawn from storage and pressed into battle by the traitor forces.

What are some of their drawbacks and weaknesses?

So I will be interested in the feedback from this thread. Soyuzki – A fluffy guidebook to my Astra Militarum subfaction. So I am going to valiantly attempt to do some statistics on the Infernus and the Defender as those seem to be the two frontrunners and see how that pans out. Posted 16 May – As of 6th and 7th Edition however, the Malcador Heavy Tanks are now Superheavy Vehicles with 5 hull points, making them surprisingly tough. And run it along side my 2 artemia hellhounds.

But malcadlr the end do what you want mate, it’s your army and your hobbying experience. Company Master Holden likes this. Not bad, but even better would tan be applying to all weapons. I’m fairly new to 8th but been having fun so far!


Sign In Register now! I only own one Malcador, a Defender and it’s an awesome tank to have, and it integrates flawlessly with my mostly infantry DKoK -army. You would think they wanted me to do work or something Combined this with its stupid design choice and general underpowered firepower for something its size and you will get the Imperial’s equivalent of a wet lemon.

That meant you were at least paying for one heavy bolter you’d never use, in effect making the tank too points-inefficient.

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Purchasing and Arming a Malcador – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

This also presented the prime opportunity to grab a Heavy Support choice for my fledgling Death Korps of Krieg army to work on after ETL has concluded at the end of the summer. It used to be quite good during the Horus Heresy, as its advanced engine made it Fast, and it could mount a Demolisher Cannon and fire its main cannon at full BS and make a Flat Out move.

Submit a new text post. One good option here is sentinels because they get the scout move before the game starts. It probably would have been a better idea to put this configuration on a Macharius Heavy Tank instead, though. When the tech-priests realized that they had run out of room for fuel tanks, they decided to put them in a trailer towed behind the tank.

Putting out 21 shots and assuming you haven’t moved. During the Siege of Vraks the 88th Siege Army’s intelligence officers believed that there was no more than 30 Valdor tanks stored inside of Vraks Prime’s vast Departmento Munitorum storehouses, and these tanks were not utilised by the Vraksian Traitor Militia until much later in that infamous meat grinder.

You might call it a Malcador variant, since it’s built on the same chassis. Additionally as a light super heavy they allow to use superheroes rules without your opponent wanting to strangle you for bringing a baneblade to a friendly game.


This sub is intended for the discussion of tactics, army lists, tournament results, and updated relevant FAQ and CA content as it pertains to the current meta for the Games Workshop family of games. In the grim, dark future, a static tank is a dead tank, and so it has since been superseded by the more reliable and cheaper Leman Russ Battle Tank.

Back to top 17 Danny Cyanide Posted 10 May – The Malcador should be a bit more Check out one of our awesome sibling subreddits; they’ve got one for everything!

Want to add to the discussion? Some people say they know no fear. The Malcador Annihilator was originally conceived as a field modification carried out on battle-damaged or unfinished production hulls intended to “up-gun” the tank’s weaponry and extend its battlefield utility.

I blame my skimming skills for that mistake!

Malcador Heavy Tank

Due to dules, the Malcador Defender is arguably And ironically the most effective of the Malcador tank variants. Back to top 19 Danny Cyanide Posted 10 May – Drop scions are great.

The only problem now is my regular opponents know what it does so it does become a bit of a bullet magnet sometimes. The vehicle is also armed with two sponson-mounted weapons, one on each side.

Ancient records found at the Scholastica Bellicose on the planet Mordia show that the Valdor Tank Hunter was most widely used during the Great Scouring after the Heresy, when the Imperium led the great counter-attack against the Traitor Legions, driving them all the way to the Eye of Terror.

So you can walk them out from your deployment and push out the deep strike bubble considerably. Additionally, the Malcador Annihilator also suffers the same fate as almost every other Malcador variant. How have you found them to play? This message was edited 1 time.