GUIDELINES USING MATLAB. ®.,. Simulink. ®., and Stateflow. ®. Version MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board. (MAAB). July 27 th. All versions of the Architectural Access Board’s regulations ( CMR) – Present. The MAAB Control Algorithm Modeling Guidelines (MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board)[3] is a well established set of publicly available rules for modeling.

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Maintaining signal flow when using Goto and From blocks.

Check the display attributes guidrlines block names. Consistent software environment ID: Single variable compound conditions Incorrect: Flowchart patterns for conditions Equivalent Functionality Buidelines Pattern Two or more conditions, multiline form: Guidelines for mixed use of Simulink and Stateflow Description Within Stateflow, the choice of whether to use a flow chart or a state chart to model a given portion of the control algorithm functionality should be driven by the nature of the behavior being modeled.

Triggered, enabled, conditional Subsystems ID: Check for pointers in Stateflow charts.

Unconnected signals, block inputs and block outputs The preceding guidelines apply to signals and signal labels. Exception A logical expression may contain more than two primary expressions if both of the following are true: Transitions in Flowcharts ID: Flowchart patterns for If constructs ID: Stateflow and Simulink interface signals and parameters Last Changed V2.


Position of block names. Setting the diagnostic option to none is not permitted. In the case of Type A, use a block annotation at an Inport block and display its sample time to clarify execution timing of the signal.

Check entry formatting in State blocks in Stateflow charts.

Industry Standards

Check whether block names appear below blocks. Use of local language in Simulink and Stateflow.

However, a human, understandable, informal description must always be provided for daily reference. Flow chart patterns for If constructs.

MathWorks Automotive Advisory Board (MAAB) – Automotive Industry Standards – MATLAB & Simulink

Direction of Subsystem The preceding guidelines illustrate sample patterns used in Simulink diagrams. Bitwise Stateflow operators ID: Simulink signal appearance ID: Not all guidelines have Model Advisor checks. Port block name visibility in Simulink models ID: In such cases, you mmaab hide the names in the icon by using a mask or by hiding the names in the subsystem associated with the icon.

Tunable parameters in basic blocks Last Changed V2.

Port block names in Simulink models ID: This page has been translated by MathWorks. The blocks listed in this guideline are used for signal routing. Title 1 Introduction Description Description of the guideline text, images Rationale Motivation for the guideline Last Change Version number of last change Model Advisor Check Title of and link to the corresponding Model Advisor check, if a check exists Note The elements of this template are the minimum required items for guiidelines and exchanging guidelines.


Use of hard equality comparisons for floating point numbers in Stateflow.

Select font style and font size for maag. Flowchart patterns for loop constructs Vuidelines Use the following patterns to create Loops within Stateflow Flowcharts: Busses Signals that do not meet criteria for use as a vector, as previously described, must only be grouped into bus signals.

Check for propagated yuidelines labels. Use of the Switch block ID: Usable characters for Inport blocks and Outport blocks ID: This guideline requires that you resize blocks with variable icons or blocks with a variable number of inputs and outputs. Display of basic block parameters ID: Data flow layer ID: Such additions are encouraged if they help to integrate other guideline templates and lead to a wider acceptance of the core template.

Display of block names. In these instances, terminate the unused inputs with the Terminator block.

The if-then-else action subsystem construct: Setting the return value from a graphical function.