Frenologia e Charlatanismo. A frenologia foi introduzida como uma disciplina supostamente científica pelo médico austríaco Franz Joseph Gall, mas sua fácil. In doing so a host of legends about Gall and the beginnings of La frenología y sus implicancias: un poco de historia sobre un tema olvidado. View Franz Joseph Gall Research Papers on for free. Entre la ideología y la frenología: la psicología mexicana desde la consumación de la.

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Still others attempted to discredit Gall because they believed he had not given rightful credit to the theories and scientists who influenced him. From Franz Galo to Norman Geschwind.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Phrenology arrived in Ireland inthrough Spurzheim.

T oday, even the least informed high school student knows that many functions of the brain are carried out by particular structures, and not by others. Treatise on Basic Philosophy. Ve, which focuses on personality and character, is distinct from craniometrywhich is the study of skull size, weight and shape, and physiognomythe study of facial features.

This page was last edited on 8 Juneat He proposed also that the relative development of mental faculties in an individual would lead to a growth or larger development in the sub-organs responsible for them.

They minister to the direction and gratification of all the other powers:. Gall’s version of Organology states that the mind is a collection of independent frdnologia housed within the brain. Combining phrenology with typology and graphologyhe coined a global approach known as psychognomy.

Gall, Franz Josef 19th century caricature frenoologia Franz Josef Gall showing a skull to a group of his followers.


These areas were said to be proportional to a person’s propensities. This doctrine, which has been proved over and over again in this era where sophisticated equipments, supported by computers, are able to visualize with pinpoint precision where a given function is being performed in the brain, is called cerebral localizationism. Elementary Treatise on Human Physiology. Phrenology was one of the first to bring about the idea of rehabilitation of criminals instead of vindictive punishments that would not stop criminals, only with the reorganizing a disorganized brain would bring about change.

Gall was born in the village of Tiefenbronn to a wealthy Roman Catholic wool merchant. Please enter your password Forgotten your password? An enlarged organ meant that the patient used that particular ” organ ” extensively.


Knowledge about the brain was scanty and dominated by non-scientific speculations. Phrenology is today recognized as pseudoscience. In Encyclopedia of Pseudosciencepp. The logical and easy-to-learn structure of the phrenological theory quickly captured the imagination of thousands of followers.

Franz Joseph Gall – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Dr Franz Joseph Gall It is a very ancient object of study. Gall’s concepts on brain localization were revolutionary, and caused religious leaders and some scientists to take exception. Page 1 of 1. In the latter work, which examines the subject of paleoanthropologyBouts developed a teleological and orthogenetical view on a perfecting evolution, from the paleo-encephalical skull shapes of prehistoric manwhich he considered still prevalent in criminals and savages, towards a higher form of mankind, thus perpetuating phrenology’s problematic racializing of the human frame.

Phrenology was mostly discredited as a scientific theory by the s. He noticed that many of the particularly bright students had prominent eyeballs and concluded that this could not be purely coincidental. German neuroanatomist and physiologist. Gall disagreed with Philippe Pinel and Peter Camper that the larger brain the larger one’s intellectual power.


Revolutionary France was most likely the most hospitable place for Gall’s theories. A measure of Perfection: While in medical school, he studied under Johann Hermann and Maximilian Stoll who impressed upon him the importance of natural observation. The popularization had resulted in the simplification of phrenology and mixing in it of principles of physiognomy, which had from the start been rejected by Gall as an indicator of personality.

Gall’s scientific inquiry began in his youth. Dr Franz Joseph Gall During the early 20th century, a revival of interest in phrenology occurred, partly because of studies of evolutioncriminology and anthropology as pursued by Cesare Laa.

Frenologia e Charlatanismo

The Autobiography of a Phrenologist. Broussais, a disciple of Gall, proclaimed that the Caucasians were the “most beautiful” while peoples like the Australian Aboriginal and Maori would never become civilized since they had no cerebral organ for producing great artists.

During the s Belgian colonial authorities in Rwanda used phrenology to explain the so-called superiority of Tutsis over Hutus. The principal British centre for phrenology was Edinburgh, where the Edinburgh Phrenological Society was established in The University of Alabama Press. Thus, he was able to produce a complete and extensive theory to support his work, and to use it for practical applications in the frejologia sciences, by means of detailed topological maps.

These were all factors which led to the downfall of phrenology.