JBL 4530 PDF

Below is the on the left and on the right. Not to scale of course. I have a set of the s that came with JBL woofers. They’re. Used Jbl for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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Jbl The rebuild ( photos )

DJ’s used to do this with Cerwin Vega B36’s. I have used the a lot but, never the The time jvl is Return details are listed towards the bottom of the page. The is a better bass horn. I remember seeing Emerson Lake and Palmer live in the mids and Greg Lake was using a side-by-side pair of cabs the dual 15″ version of the with a pair of horn lenses on top as his bass rig. Speaker Repairers to do. This is 430 part of our delivery charge and we recommend you investigate the import regulations jgl your country.

The box was notorious for having no throw or impact and a big round soft bottom When Greg Lake sang he sounded like a God. I have a set of the s that came with JBL woofers.

To help select a replacement Surround: Yes, either cabinet will be fitted with ‘s. I suppose the purpose of the scoop was to ad some throw to the box but, for live 45300 it really made no difference. But I’m just worried that those who have the scoop are just fanboys and the enclosure may not be an audiophile type enclosure after all?


This is shown in the instructions. The C40 would be easier to build. All times are GMT Our handling time is normally hours and you can expect to receive your parcel within business days from dispatch. Which begs the question: However, you will need to have a very steep filter on the bottom end 4503 the xmax of.

Also, the plans call for a 37″ height, but most C34 owners in the threads I’ve read so jbo are saying their cabinets are 39″. I’m really into the and yes, I’ll be using subwoofers with it! It sounded like you were right inside of his throat. It is important to measure your speaker accurately to ensure you order the most suitable surround.

This was in a very large auditorium and the “throw” was terrific! Or am I better off with the for my speakers? Results 1 to 15 of If you are unsure, please don’t hesitate to contact us via eBay messages.

Other Media Files : JBL 4530

I simulated the driver in a 5 cubic foot vented box tuned to Getting mixed signals on the still. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.

The “B” and “C” dimensions are the most important. Originally Posted by doodlebug. They used an exclusively JBL system top to bottom, even all the amps, processors and 3 main consoles. Your right, it was popular with rockers a million years ago, We used to use them for P. Beyond that it looks like a nasty cone break up. Below is the on the left and on the right.


Is one significantly 45530 than the other for music like jazz or classical or rock? The did shine on two applications: But my research shows that mostly hard rockers are using this enclosure.

If the “A” Jbp is bigger than you require, it can easily be trimmed to suit your dimensions This is very common for. You will have to plug one or two holes with it. Returns Items are sent as per the nbl order. You must be within 5mm from your required dimension, so it does not affect the performance of the speaker. Could someone please send me or post some plans for the JBL Cabinets I would really like to build them and try them out with my H’s.

If you cut the surround unevenly it can be easily covered by a gasket for a neat finish. I’d be curious to hear what others might think. In that box the F3 is about 47 Hz, which ticks nicely with your 50 Hz requirement.

Thank you in advance.