Obtaining Service During. Warranty Period New editions are complete revisions of the manual. Change sheets, which may be The HP DesignJet CM printer is an E/A0 size large-format inkjet printer which can print in. Download HP DESIGNJET , C, CT, CM SERVICE MANUAL service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Download DesignJet , C, Cplus, CM Service from folder Printers DesignJet. Service Manual pdf. From folder: Printers HP DesignJet.

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If it does not operate, replace the: Use a sheet approximately 24 x 36 inches 61 x 91 cms.

Paper – Natural tracing paper – A1 size The problem can also occur with HP-GL2 files but with less severity. Adjust the settings in the application software configuration as required to ensure compatibility. Ensure that the metallic tensioner is correctly positioned in the holder.

Perform the pinchwheel sensor test as follows: This product was sold by a reseller. This error causes a variation of hue between consecutive bands.

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HP DESIGNJET 700 Service Manual

The capitals included in the frames correspond to the following plotters: In the example above, these are Or, if printing two separated lines with the same color, one of them could be lighter than the other. The bail stepper motor continuously raises and lowers the bail assembly until you press Enter.

This is to avoid cross-threading and damaging the threads. French 05 United Kingdom: Solution to Problem 2: Perform the line sensor calibration whenever the: Revision Letter This letter identifies the most recent revision to the etched circuit pattern.

If the Pen R values given are not between Dutch 1 French 1 Switzerland: Motor – Bail stepper motor – Used to drive the 755c assembly.

Ssrvice plot includes an area fill, and a number of parallel lines that show up directional problems. In the example above, this is ES, which is the code for Spain.

HP Troubleshooting page for CB DesignJet CM Printer

Some third party media types have unacceptable results. Before performing the accuracy calibration, print a service configuration plot details page on D or E-size media. JetAdmin polls the printer every 2 seconds, and the PML requests sent to it remain in its memory.


The letter A identifies the original servicce of the plotter. Pinchwheel Sensor Cartridge – Magenta Red ink cartridge Europe.

Vellum – HP Vellum Paper is ideal for reproducible final drawings. In Best mode, the drive roller advances half a swath at a time; in Normal mode, it may advance a full swath or half a swath, depending on whether the plot is color or monochrome.

Electrical Shock Hazard Serious shock hazard leading to death or injury may result if you do not take the following precautions: Pen-to-pen Alignment verification The specification for the maximum pen-to-pen alignment error is 3. Perform the cutter test as follows: The following table contains a list of system error codes and their respective descriptions and recommended corrective actions.