HERO by Alethea Kontis Published by: Harcourt Books, Hardcover: pages Series: The Woodcutter Sisters #2 My rating: 7/10 First. Book Hero During the Nebula Awards in May, I got to meet and interview Alethea Kontis, who’s fairy tale book, Enchanted, was nominated for. Hero by Alethea Kontis, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Ends on a very dissatisfying cliffhanger. Friday of course is one of those people and alerhea takes care of the children of the refugees and loves doing so.

Furthermore, I am wondering what sister could we possibly be going to next!

Hero | Alethea Kontis | Book Review

Jan 01, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. Why is that the case? A few swear words; references to naked men alerhea they turned from swans to humans ; kissing. And the weaving of so many classic fairy tale elements throughout the stories themselves. Amazing, wonderful, fabulous, heartbreaking bastards.

Also, I have not read “Enchanted” so There are a few things I really liked about this book, and a few that prevented me from “really liking” the entire thing. Anyway, I really struggled with Enchanted, and never did finish it. But I still enjoyed the references from the fairy tales. And then, as always, life got crazy and I just forgot about it….

And I still don’t know what to say about it. I loved the gifts that Friday discovered that she had. So you know what that means! Peregrine view spoiler [does alefhea back into a “full” man at the end, but we don’t really alerhea how that makes him feel, if he’s okay with it, etc. Peregrine wears skirts and looks rather feminine, thanks to the curse. In the meantime… buy a t-shirt!


You are commenting using your WordPress. She is one of several sisters, each named after the days of the week, and has such a kind heart.

Overall this was a wonderful classic fairy tale adventure. Nor could I have done all this without Deborah Warrenthe best Fairy Godagent a princess could hwro for, and Katherine Kellgrenwho brought my characters to life in such a way that I fell in love with them all over again.

With a central arc that resolves nicely Hero still promises even more adventure and mayhem to come for the kingdom of Arilland and the Woodcutter family. March 1, at 6: The romance in this book was so much different between Sunday and Rumbold, that it’s a whole new thing.

Thanks also go out to the staff of Luray Caverns in Virginia—I would not have been able to write about the Top of the World without you! Click here for much amusement. Awesome, racks up award nominations, wears tiaras.

Dearest is the book that Can this be my review: I know she would be proud of my silly, shiny books; I only regret not being able to share them with her in this life.


Saturday – the star of this tale – thinks she’s missed out. I cannot wait to find out what Friday has been up to during the events of Hero. Thus you have a novel that tries hard to be a self-contained story but at the same time explains nothing of the world around it. I half expected their nurse-dog to be named Nana as well. For Saturday was never one for romance. Harcourt Books, Hardcover: It was so much fun picking out the various references.


I have no idea what consists of spoilers, so I’ve hidden my review because of some things I mentioned that some people might not enjoy. The heroine and her mother set sail with Thursday, the pirate sister. This book is set for publication February 3, This book tells the story of Friday, she is the sister who weaves and sews and is very kind and loving.

Dearest by Alethea Kontis

I hope the planets align again sooner than seven years from now. I thought – and I was wrong – girls stuff. I just was not that into this book. Saturday vows to bring him back. bero

I think I’m bowing out of this series; while this book wasn’t bad, it lacked the depth that intri Saturday, one of seven sisters in the Woodcutter family, feels dull in comparison; her siblings have married royalty, run off to sea, or gone off to the realms of Faerie.

She really does live up to being a hero and is very likable. Friday is swept up in the ocean her other sister accidentally called; in fact the whole kingdom is in a state of emergency trying to deal with this unexpected ocean in their midst.