This chapter examines malaria and its control in Indonesia, from the earliest efforts .. at risk of P. falciparum malaria in Indonesia have been published in an Indonesian version called ‘Gebrak Malaria’ or, in English, ‘Crush Malaria’. World Malaria Report Estimated million clinical cases Incidence rate tends to decrease, since Gebrak Malaria or Roll Back. Between December and April , patients were included. After treatment parasite clearance of uncomplicated P. vivax malaria. Both treatments .. Gebrak Malaria: Pedoman Penatalaksanaan. Kasus Malaria di.

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Journal List Malar J v. The government paid the transportation cost. These antilarval measures consisted mainly of environmental modifications. Old coconuts weight — g were used as culture media.

Malaria Distribution, Prevalence, Drug Resistance and Control in Indonesia

Larviciding presents operational challenges that limit its utility to specific settings. Although this measure did not completely remove all breeding sites of A.

However, effectiveness of this initiative was questioned due to limited documentation and reports. The malaria cadre was usually a local housewife who received video training from investigators aimed at increasing their knowledge of malaria. These steps are 1 producing a map of endemicity and identifying foci of malaria, 2 identifying the feasibility of collaboration between communities and related government sectors, 3 developing strategic plans for malaria control, 4 obtaining support from the District Health Office and Legislative Council, 5 developing an integrated working plan for malaria control, 6 implementing the working plan and 7 monitoring and evaluating the strategy and the progress made.


He was unsuccessful in opposing a plan to fill the tidal swamp areas; a plan which was thus implemented by the harbour authorities in Takken et al.

They revealed that primary health centres rarely recorded the many clinical diagnoses of malaria that were made. Planting and harvesting occurred at about the same time as the cultivation and fields lay fallow in the dry season.

Watson had visited Swellengrebel in Sumatra in and introduced him to the working concepts of species sanitation Takken et al. He made similar recommendations for the protection of communities against exposure to A.

Malaria Distribution, Prevalence, Drug Resistance and Control in Indonesia

The distribution of malaria cases in Purworejo District during — based on patient age. The authors concluded that there was no indication that a daily use of PQ or weekly dose of CQ for 1 year placed subjects at greater risk of malaria gbrak or to more severe clinical symptoms of malaria than subjects who had taken a placebo. He showed that the blue-green algae at 2100 bottom of the pond were their primary food source. The author concluded that briquette methoprene was effective to control A.

Source DHO, Purworejo, A program of weekly chemoprophylaxis was instigated, with chloroquine being administered to about residents by nine cadres. These civilian and military migrations, reaching tens of thousands each year, represent a significant threat of renewed or scaled up malaria transmission on Java and Bali.

Waris evaluated the efficacy of pyriproxyfen as larvicidal control of Anopheles subpictus in South Kalimantan in Waris, Plasmodium falciparum and P. More importantly, there was a fold reduction in the measured biting rate of anophelines.


Weak surveillance systems contributed to the worsening of outbreaks, thereby consolidating the epidemic Dewi, Re-education, literature dissemination and standard operating procedures in malaria treatment are needed. In other words, the elimination of these ponds would not directly affect nutrition in the community.

In the year of the commencement of this study the API in Purworejo was 0.

The database of P. The median cost of treatment reported by those who self-treated and by those who sought treatment outside the home jalaria Rp. This represents a superb early example of community participation in malaria control.

We detail important methods of control and their impact in the context of the political systems that supported them. However, Berens-Riha et al. At the formulation of 0. Comparison of interventions towards malaria in Purworejo and Wonosobo District Health Offices during — However, by day 49, the reduction of emergent adult mosquitoes was no longer significant at a dose of 0.

The liquid formulation was applied on a weekly basis for 12 months. Spatio-temporal mapping of malaria in Purworejo and its surroundings districts — Malaria outbreaks occur in Indonesia every year. The healthcare situation in Indonesia is relatively poor compared to the situation in neighbouring countries. While technically autonomous, the success of the programme depends upon cooperation with other maparia and advocacy to and negotiation with both executive and legislative parts of district government.