Abstract: The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU) pioneering numerical experiment played a major role in the history of computer simulation because it introduced this. Abstract: A brief review of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU) paradox is given, together with its suggested resolutions and its relation to other. Abstract: The spatiotemporal propagation of a momentum excitation on the finite Fermi-Pasta-Ulam lattices is investigated. The competition.

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[] Propagation dynamics on the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam lattices

The enigma is rendered even more intriguing by the fact that integrable models predict recurrence as exact solutions, but the difficulties involved in upholding integrability for a sufficiently long dynamic has not allowed a quantitative experimental validation. It allows for the reproduction of different aspects of the FPU problem. Bocchieri P, Scotti A. Figure 3 Properties of the recurrent behavior.

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If instead of preparing a long wavelength low-frequency initial state, one now puts the energy in the short wavelength high-frequency part of the normal mode spectrum Zabusky and Deemthe pathway to equipartition may lead to the creation of highly localized excitations that have an oscillating amplitude and bear most of the energy: Surveys When the nonlinearity is small, one can separately hlam each nonlinear resonance and apply perturbation theory. Grist to this mill is also brought by the discovery of periodic orbits so called q-breathers that are exponentially localised in mode space FlachPenati and Flach Our results represent an unprecedented test for statistical mechanics and nonlinear wave theory pssta establish a paradigm that could impact future developments in the control and forecasting of unstable paata systems from hydrodynamics to nonlinear optics.

One of the most controversial phenomena in nonlinear dynamics is the reappearance of initial conditions. These results identify the origin fermo the recurrence in the integrability of the underlying dynamics and allow us to achieve one of the basic aspirations of nonlinear dynamics: Series I Physics Physique Fizika.


Fermi thought that after many iterations, the system would exhibit thermalizationan ergodic behavior in which the influence of the initial modes of vibration fade and the system becomes more or ulwm random with all modes excited more or less equally.

Worth to mention is the work of Benettin Benettinwho argues against the two-stage relaxation picture.

Views Read Edit View history. The continuum limit of the governing equations for the string with the quadratic force term is the Korteweg—de Vries equation KdV equation. An important open question is what remains of the FPU phenomenology in two-dimensional and three-dimensional lattices. On a short time scale a packet of low frequency normal modes is formed, with the higher modes cut-off exponentially Fucito et al.

Properties of the recurrent behavior. The chaotic breather moves along the lattice with an almost ballistic motion: Nowadays we know that even below the strong stochasticity thresholdrelaxation to equipartition occurs on longer and longer time scales as the energy is reduced, due to the overlap of higher order nonlinear resonances De Luca et al. It is your responsibility to obtain the proper permission from the rights holder directly for these figures.

Conti 2,3and E. Mary Tsingou ‘s contributions to the FPUT problem were largely ignored by the community until Dauxois published additional information regarding the development and called for the problem to be renamed to grant proper attribution. Recurrences are believed to be extremely sensitive to any environmental perturbations that characterize a natural system. femri

However, by accident, one day, they let the program run longer. Zhang 1G. This theoretical prediction was successfully tested numerically Izrailev et al. The solution of the paradox is two-fold. Compared pawta the rather inconclusive application of KAM theorem, a remarkable result was obtained by Izrailev and Chirikov applying the concept of overlap of nonlinear resonances.

Inelastic collisions of breathers have a systematic tendency to favour the growth of the big breathers at the expense of small ones. Fermi, Pasta, Ulam, and Tsingou simulated ulma vibrating string by solving the following discrete system of nearest-neighbor coupled oscillators. Pustyl’nikov in See Reference below.


Nonlinear Sciences > Chaotic Dynamics

Marcucci 2,3A. IzhikevichEditor-in-Chief of Scholarpedia, the peer-reviewed open-access encyclopedia Reviewed by: It requires the vermi of two important physical phenomena: Weyl fermions are observed in a solid. White lines interpolate local maxima and serve as guides.

Early attempts to explain the inefficient energy transfer among normal modes using linear resonance theory failed. Here, we report the observation of more than three Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou recurrences for nonlinear optical spatial waves and demonstrate the control of the recurrent behavior through the phase and amplitude of the initial field.

This behavior is generic, because it is intimately related to modulational instabilitya self-induced modulation of the steady state resulting from a balance between nonlinear and dispersive effects. Comparison pastw theory with computer solutions. Existence, localisation and stability.

This is why FPU recurrence is observed. The strong stochasticity threshold a term first used in Pettini and Landolfi exhibited in the numerical experiments of Livi and coworkers Livi et al. Figure 1 Experimental setup. The Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem bears the name of the three scientists who were looking for a theoretical physics problem suitable for an investigation with one of the very first computers, the Maniac. They preserve their shapes and velocities and, during their motion in the finite system with periodic boundary conditions, from time to time, they come back to the positions they had initially, restoring the initial condition.

Mathematicians Partially Solve Fermi-Pasta-Ulam Problem

We follow the explanation as given in Palais’s article. It has been observed that relaxation to equipartition for long wavelength initial conditions proceeds in two stages.

Stochasticity thresholds in nonlinear Hamiltonian systemsPhys. Dashed lines indicate the uncertainty of the retrieved condition. In short, thermalization could not occur because of a certain “soliton symmetry” in the system which broke ergodicity. Later on, as shown in Figure 4 aonly a few breathers emerge.