Key words: Intravenous anesthesia, remifentanyl, propofol, infusion pump, .. Aguilera L. Conceptos básicos de farmacocinética farmacodinámia en TIVA. Propofol nanoemulsion is a new formulation consisting of nanoemulsified systems, characterized by the absence of lipid vehicle. Changes in drug vehicle may. Anestesia-Reanimación – A – Propofol – EM|consulte.

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Anestesia basada en analgesia. Therefore, as it is necessary to know what remifentanil CP is required in accordance with the moment of surgery and the type of intervention, it is also imperative to know which propofol CP is adequate:. Effect site concentration during propofol TCI sedation: Advanced pharmacokinetic models based on organ clearance, circulatory, and fractal concepts. Manual versus target-controlled infusion remifentanil administration in spontaneously breathing patients.

For the remifentanil nomogram the straight lines represent concentration according to age.

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The first is the simplest pharmacokinetic ;ropofol where the body is represented as a single compartment with a predefined volume of distribution and assumes that the plasma concentration decreases exponentially following the administration of the drug as a result of a single compartment for eliminating the drug 1.

What is the rate of infusion?

Changes in drug vehicle may alter the pharmacokinetics and result in different distribution and elimination rates of propofol. A comparison with Althesin. Propofol nanoemulsion is a new formulation consisting of nanoemulsified systems, characterized by the absence of lipid vehicle. The difference between Marsh and Schnider models basically lays on the calculation of V1.

This is called the surface model and shows the interaction at different levels of effect and hence of different concentrations of each drug figure 4 A similar trial by Breslin in showed similar results in terms of depth of anesthesia and awaking times. The multiple compartment models figure 1 assume the existence of two or more compartments. A plasma concentration of propofol below 1.


The heavier the patient, the higher the V1. Preliminary pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of an ultra-short-acting opioid: Therefore, if V1 decreases, Ve decreases as well and hence ke0 becomes smaller.

Farmacocinética do propofol em nanoemulsão em cães

As the constant of the Ke0 of the propofol is not so fast, the state of stabilization will not be so fast. Marsh 26 and Schnider 27, In the remifentanil nomogram see figure 1the straight lines represent the desired CP: The plasma concentrations of remifentanyl and propofol depend on the type of surgery table 2. Pharmacokinetic models for propofol–defining and illuminating the devil in the detail.


The fagmacocinetica administration of a drug requires the support of infusion devices programmed according to pre-determined and studied pharmacokinetic models whose accuracy has been endorsed. The infusion that corresponds to the axis of the Y is approximately 5. Services on Demand Article. Nomograms are a practical option for estimating the plasmatic CP concentration of a medicine and thus be able to administer it pharmacokinetically.

Remifentanil nomogram The following step consists of establishing which is the desired Farmacocinetiac according to the procedure. A critique of intravenous anesthesia in war surgery. Propofol reduces perioperative remifentanil requirements in a synergistic manner: Keeping in mind the effectiveness according to the context of remifentanil, this infusion must be adjusted approximately 10 minutes before awakening. There are three types of pharmacokinetic models 1: How to cite this article.

Learning about these models is very important because of their institutional economic impact and the availability of resources. These differences farmacoocinetica be seen in the calculation of ke0 and, consequently, in the infusion rate. Three Compartment Model During the pharmacokinetic phase, the pharmacokinetic models are the corner stone for administering the drug Use of continuous infusion versus intermittent bolus administration of fentanyl or ketamine during outpatient anesthesia.


The administration of medications darmacocinetica the use of these nomograms is not for children or for obese patients. Propofol predicted effect concentrations darmacocinetica loss of consciousness are strongly correlated with predicted concentrations at recovery of consciousness. The slow peripheral compartment V3 is made of the poorly perfused tissues skin or fat ; this is the slowest diffusion central compartment.

In Minto et al. Manual or target controlled infusion systems.

Additive interactions occur when the effects of a dose of drug A are equal to the effects of a dose of drug B. The phar mace utical and phar mac oki netic phase The development of total intravenous anesthesia is closely linked to the development of infusion systems.

Assessment of three parameter sets. Pharmacokinetic model driven infusion of propofol in children. This was the beginning of an era when the physiological and the anatomical conditions of a patient could be changed with minimal trauma.

The point is that the anesthesiologist has to evolve keeping pace with the increasingly more predictable drugs now available and with the possibility of achieving a safer, more predictable and costeffective anesthesia with greater control both by the experienced professional and the trainee. Accuracy of pharmacokinetic models for predicting plasma fentanyl concentrations in lean and obese surgical patients: Total intravenous anesthesia, TIVA is a technique for administering general anesthesia exclusively intravenously; it uses a combination of drugs with the exception of the inhaled agents, including nitrous oxide 1.

Schnider T, Minto C. A manual infusion scheme.