“Fans of legal dramas might check out Alex Flinn’s intriguing Fade To Black In this tautly constructed novel, an HIV-positive high school student sees his life. Three perspectives – one truth The victim: After his windshield was shattered with a baseball bat, HIV-positive Alex Crusan ducked under the steering wheel. Alex Flinn is the queen of writing troubled yet multidimensional teens, and she doesn’t disappoint with FADE TO BLACK. Read it, and question.

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Fade to Black by Alex Flinn | Young Adult Book Reviews

Excuse me, but I don’t want that guy’s skin particles on me. But, really, he’s a regular year-old kid.

Not only is she one of my favorite authors, she also does a fliinn good job at staying interesting and making you feel satisfied and new by the end of the book.

When she finally stopped crying, my parents took me to Disneyworld. Flinj dad is on his side because he has never done anything like this before. I had a hard time imagining that a school would really tell its entire student body that a kid is H I loved this.

Fade to Black by Alex Flinn

Which one will tell it? The book I read was Fade to Black by Alex Flinn is about three very different characters that fqde connected to a crime in some way. I guess I must have nodded or something because, from that point on, every poem I ever wrote in school was submitted to Highlights or Cricket magazine. Just after this happens Clinton Cole is also accused of throwing a rock through a window at Alex’s house. If you would like to contact me, please visit my Facebook, Twitter, or website or e-mail me alixwrites aol.


Refresh and try again. I liked how the mom and aunt took Alex out to see a show. Then there’s Daria, the Downs Syndrome student, who is a witness to what happened.

Dec 18, Hayden rated it really liked it. Now he must decide what he wants to tell.

Aug 04, Richie Partington rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed and loved reading this book. Clinton chucked a big rock at his car while the Crusans were at church. It also helps them realize that everyone feels self conscious about something and that people are more aware of what people say about them than those who say mean things realize.

Fade to Black

There is a companion to Breathing Underwater, in Caitlin’s viewpoint. Flinn shows that element very well in this book. Daria stands on the street each Monday morning to watch as Alex drives by on his way to the donut shop.

Jun 09, Brandon Palmer rated it it was amazing. Zeiser, told my mother, “Alexandra marches to her own drummer.

Open Preview See a Problem? Unfortunately, they are all pieces of our reality and we find them in Alex Finn’s Young Adult novel, Fade to Black where, the author-a former attorney-invites us to a small town trial where AIDS fills the courtroom. I walked right back out. The victim-Alejandro Crusan, or Alex-is a Florida junior high-school student attacked and hit with a baseball Fade to Black By Alex Finn Reviewed by Alina Oswald AIDS anxiety and stigma, prejudice, homophobia, harassment and hate crime, guilt and shame, pretense always clutter the truth.


I read all these books about it, and I know all about T-cell counts and viral loads, but the bottom line is: The story is told from three points of view and the narrators were fantastic. The story is told from the various viewpoints, Alex HIVDaria Ds and Clinton bully extraordinaire and I think the different voices works because you get the thoughts and feelings of each of them except that Daria’s voice is only bits of free verse, not quite sure what the author is trying to say with that and it bothered me.

I think I write for young-adults because I never quite got over being one. Cody Maierhoffer 2nd hour Ms. But the real crap hits the fan when Alex is attacked by a mysterious guy in a letter jacket and the only witness is Daria, a really friendly girl with Down Syndrome.

He tells people he contracted the disease from a blo I recommended this book to the novel preview team at my school for the high school, and it showed up for the middle school.