Choose Connection for Lenovo Servers. Buy a IBM Express System x M4 Intel GHz Xeon and get great service and fast delivery. : IBM EJU EXPRESS X M4 X/ 8C 8GB IN HS SR M DVDR W P/S RACK: Office Products. IBM System x M4 (/); IBM BladeCenter HS23E (/); IBM BladeCenter HS23 (/); IBM System x M4 ().

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Installation labor is provided at no additional charge, if the machine is covered under a warranty service upgrade or a maintenance service.

RTS provides comprehensive technical call center support for covered d3550, storage, operating systems, and applications. Trademarks Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both.

IBM x M4 Options

The powerful system is designed for your most important business applications and cloud deployments. The following table lists additional supported network adapters. The System x M4 server is designated as customer setup.

The slot form factors are as follows:. It incorporates powerful Xeon processors with up to 20 MB L3 cache. It does not contains any backplane. It can provide outstanding uptime to keep business-critical applications and cloud deployments running safely.

The x M4 is Energy Star 2. Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. The following table lists the power distribution units PDUs that are offered by Lenovo that can be used in x M4 solutions. Features on Demand upgrades per server. To determine the eligibility of your machine and to view a list of countries where service is available, visit.


But beyond the initial acquisition, our end-to-end approach to IT management can also help keep your technologies current, reduce costs, minimize risk, and preserve your ability to make flexible equipment decisions throughout the entire technology lifecycle. Advanced management capabilities built into System x servers are available through:.

Terms and conditions for use of the machine-readable files are shipped with the files. For more information, see the list of Product Guides in the Rack cabinets and options category: Active Energy Manager, an extension to IBM Director systems management software, allows clients to “meter” actual power usage and trend data for any single physical system or group of systems.

We offer service-level and response-time options to fit your business needs. Inside view of the System x M4. Processor options The x M4 supports the processor options listed in the following table. IT administrators can view the hardware configuration of remote systems in detail, and monitor the usage and performance of critical components such as processors, HDDs, and memory.

Standard models come with one or two power supplies model dependent. Two Intel Xeon processor connectors are standard on the system board to support installation of a second processor, up to 20M cache, and up to two 8.

The following table shows the characteristics of the supported DIMMs. The following have been designated as consumables, supply items, or structural parts and therefore not covered by this warranty:. During the warranty period, a warranty service upgrade provides an enhanced level of On-site Service for an additional charge. For better performance, distribute expansion enclosures evenly across both ports of a controller.

Standard specifications The x35550 table lists the standard specifications. You must provide a suitable working area to allow disassembly and reassembly of the IBM machine. Warranty options The System exprss M4 has a three-year warranty with 24×7 standard call center support and 9×5 Next Business Day onsite coverage. Customers are responsible for installation according to the instructions IBM provides with the machine.


When having the unit serviced, plan to have these components attached to your server either directly or indirectly via a console switch. In rank sparing mode, one rank of a DIMM in each populated channel is reserved as spare memory.

Intel Advanced Vector Extensions AVX significantly improve floating point performance for compute-intensive technical and scientific applications compared to Intel Xeon series processors.

A warranty service upgrade must be purchased during the warranty period and is for a fixed term duration. Ask a Lenovo representative for specifics. The x M4 is a cost- and density-balanced 1U, 2-socket business-critical server, offering improved performance and pay-as-you grow flexibility along with new features that improve server management capability.

Unlike others, we allow you to bundle everything you need from hardware and software to service contracts, installation costs, training fees, and sales tax. Front exress of the System x M4. Other restrictions may apply.

Lenovo System x3550 M4

The server cannot be shipped with these adapters installed. The System x M4 has a three-year warranty with 24×7 standard call center support and 9×5 Next Business Day onsite coverage.

It is not refundable or transferable and may not be prorated.