Una de las facetas más interesantes de la ENDUTIH está en la revisión que se hace del uso de telecomunicaciones a nivel estatal. Una nación. Ghana Living Standards Survey / Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones, Estimate to December based on ENDUTIH survey. Refers to total. National Survey on Availability and Use of ICT in Households, ENDUTIH. International Telecommunications Union (ITU) () ITU World.

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In April, media outlet Aristegui Noticias denounced that while livestreaming the presidential debate and post-debate discussion on their Facebook page, banners appeared warning about “possible graphic content” and “sexually suggestive or partial nudity,” which affected their reach and views on the platform.

While citizens continued to use digital tools to protest against impunity and corruption, online manipulation continued enduti proliferate, especially in the run-up to the presidential and congressional elections. The Red Compartida project began operating in Marchproviding a wholesale wireless broadband network that eneutih expected to boost competition and expand coverage to underserved areas.

JMIR Publications

In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications. In a context of distrust due to the recent revelations of illegal surveillance practices see “Surveillance, 212 and Anonymity”a National Cybersecurity Strategy introduced in sparked concerns among digital rights activists who highlighted the lack of control or transparency mechanisms within the strategy.

Reliance on public advertising renders independent media vulnerable to content manipulation or closure due to lack of funding, [ 58 ] although the former appears to be the more pernicious of the two trends.

The Mexican Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and privacy of personal communications. Fixed telephone suscriptions per inhabitants – UN official.

While some media denounced this as an open door to social media censorship, specialists contended that the changes to the code will not impact freedom of expression, which is still protected by article and the constitution.

In Aprilthe Supreme Court of Justice declared blocking an entire website because of alleged copyright violations unconstitutional and considered it a disproportionate measure that violated freedom of expression.

Davis, Filippo Menczer, “On the influence of social bots in online protests. Although most of the backbone infrastructure in Mexico is privately owned, the state-owned company Telecomm has taken on greater control of the infrastructure, after taking over fiber-optic infrastructure from the Federal Electricity Commission. Freedom of expression Freedom of information. Threats and violence from drug cartels, members of local governments, and other actors have continued to put journalists’ lives at risk and curtail the safe practice of journalism.


Inthe states of Baja California, Ciudad de Mexico, Morelos and Aguascalientes observed the highest scores of internet users in rural areas Informe ,” March 20,https: Article in the Telecommunications Law, however, authorizes the “appropriate authority” within the Mexican government to request the suspension of telephone service in order to “halt the commission of crimes.

However, net neutrality is a contentious issue due to commercial enudtih that allow differentiated prices depending on the destination of internet connections.

Thursday, 27 December Mexico has around 83 million Facebook users, 9 percent more than in January Mobile cellular subscriptions per enduhih – UN official 8. Court,” El UniversalApril 19,http: Despite revelations about Mexico’s use of digital spying technologies to target journalists, human rights lawyers, activists, and political figures, no significant advances were made to investigate these abuses see Surveillance, Privacy, and Anonymity.

In efforts to reduce the digital gap and promote competition in the ICT sector, Mexico’s mobile wholesale access network began operating in March see Availability and Ease of Access. While there were no documented cases of individuals prosecuted or sanctioned by law enforcement agencies on 212 related to accessing information on the internet, online reporters continued to risk harassment and arrest while covering demonstrations or political events.

202 AugustCitizen Enduyih and Mexican partner organizations had documented at least 21 cases of journalists, human rights lawyers, activists, and political figures being targeted with the spying software Pegasus.

Under that law, Article forces companies to provide users’ geolocation among other communications metadata to police, military, or intelligence agencies in real time. UNHCR is not responsible for, nor does it necessarily endorse, its content. Harassment and physical violence have encouraged a climate of self-censorship among journalists and online activists, although many continue to risk physical danger to write about crime rndutih corruption.

Physical and technical violence frequently targeted digital media covering sensitive stories such as crime, corruption, and human rights violations see Intimidation and Violence and Technical Attacks. The use of bots to manipulate online debates has also been documented in several studies. A wholesale wireless network launched operations in Marchaiming to offer data capacity to other operators and expand coverage to underserved regions.

A constitutional reform in established internet access as a human right and guaranteed net neutrality. Mobile cellular subscriptions per inhabitants – UN official. Digital media have continued to serve as an important forum for internet users in Enduih.


Civil society organizations argued that these contracts were illegal because many of endutin agencies involved lacked constitutional or legal authority to conduct surveillance or endugih.

While Mexico’s mobile penetration still lags behind other countries in the region, the numbers have increased. In Aprilhowever, digital rights groups raised the alarm about approved changes to the Federal Copyright Law, which would allow courts to order precautionary measures against content suspected of copyright infringement. They also reported that aggressions against online media surpassed the number of aggressions towards print media.

Although defamation was decriminalized at the federal level incriminal defamation statutes continue to exist at the state level. Scarce funding and a lack of interest in online advertising create challenges for individuals and nonprofits seeking to establish sustainable online outlets in Mexico.

There were no recorded activities or public incidents related to government-imposed restrictions on ICT 212 during this coverage period.

Moreover, a recent study published by Citizen Lab in September found that Pegasus spyware continued to operate in Mexico. Email this document Printable version.

Los Eendutih a nivel subnacional. While access has steadily improved, Mexico’s internet freedom environment declined due to prolific manipulation tactics that distorted online discussions ahead of the elections.

Millennium Development Goals Information, Mexico

Previous reports also revealed that Mexico was the biggest client of the surveillance company Hacking team, which had signed more than 14 contracts with various state and federal agencies. Steven Melendez, “To see the future of social media manipulation in politics, look to Mexico” Fast Company, February 2, http: Init was also criticized for authorizing Telcel to exclusively exploit 60 MHz of the 2.

Digital activists decried the impact of this change on freedom of expression online, as courts would be able to order measures such as censorship of online content or seizure of equipment without providing proof that copyright violations have taken place. Google” [Digital attacks against journalists and media on Mexico are on the rise: In Puebla, for example, independent media organizations say the state government uses a combination of state, municipal, and university advertising as a way to control the editorial independence of local media.

In cooperation with the private sector, make available the benefits of new technologies, especially information and communications 8.