Although Fudge published several books, only The Fire That Consumes has been through multiple editions. The first. The Fire That Consumes [Edward Fudge] is 20% off every day at WipfandStock. com. Evangelical Christians affirm together that a dreadful. Since the publication of its first edition in , Edward Fudge’s bookThe Fire that Consumeshas been the fullest and most thorough exposition and defense of.

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These are the main four views about the destiny of the wicked:.

The Fire That Consumes: A Review | Dr. Claude Mariottini – Professor of Old Testament

In either case, Fudge first entered the debate on the nature of hell in with The Fire that Consumes. Annihilationism Annihilationism is the belief that people who die without being saved will be destroyed in the grave and will not be tormented forever in hell.

Traditionalism Traditionalism refers to the traditional teaching of the church about hell. Fudge here inductively examines the Biblical teaching on final punishment from Genesis to Revelation to build a convincing case that conditional immortality i. The book examined the doctrine of the final punishment of the unredeemed from throughout the whole Consumez, non-biblical literature of Second Temple Judaism Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, Dead Sea Scrollsas well as the edard development of the doctrine of final punishment through the Apostolic Fathers, Ante-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers, medieval and later theologians, Reformers and later theologians.

The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment

Christians interested in inductive Bible study. I have upgraded the book to 5 starts, despite the one substantial flaw below. Whether or not you agree with Fudge, his arguments are worth listening to. Although hell is not a pleasant topic, and is rarely discussed in church, I believe it is an important part of the Christian faith to understand what the Bible teaches on this subject.


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Edward Fudge

Thus, sinners in hell will be eternally separated from God. I need to re-read with an open Bible and will probably do more study. Understanding its mortality and its nature is crucial for a biblical outlook.

I found all the quotes of the church fathers a little tedious but the stuff detailin A book that will probably get me in trouble.

Dec 12, Chris Huff rated it really liked it. It has everything you need to learn about the doctrine. One thing that fascinated me about The Fire That Consumes is the scholarship and the research that made this book possible.

Edward Fudge – Wikipedia

However I stumbled upon In the last 2 months I have been on a doctrinal journey I still am. A Final Word that may be easier to read.

tht In the third edition, he pads the chapters out by interacting with his critics; he is gracious with his words, but firm in his convictions. This could even get rid of the hostile “Christian” street corner sandwich board guy. Evangelical Christians affirm together that a dreadful destiny awaits those who reject God’s grace throughout life.

Well, I’ve heard Annihilationism before and my knee-jerk reaction was to label it as a heresy and did not study further. He has been called “one of the foremost scholars on hell” by The Christian Post.


Yet despite the authority of such towering figures as Augustine, Aquinas, and Calvin, and the imprimatur of the Westminster divines, Fudge makes what to me is a simply conclusive case that the Bible doesn’t teach the immortality of the soul nor does it teach the everlasting agony of the lost. I imagine your questions will be answered well. Mar 23, Lars rated it it consues amazing Shelves: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For those interested in consimes the Bible has to say about ‘hell’ or perhaps more specifically, ‘the fate of the wicked’this is a must read.

This is the master of all recent biblical studies on the nature of hell and punishment. Seth Bouchelle rated it really liked it May 13, This page was last edited on 9 Mayat Retrieved December 25, Traditionalism affirms that the wicked will suffer forever in the unquenchable fires of hell.

December 17, at 7: It is not a “destruction” that leaves one endlessly alive and in pain. Universalism Christian universalism teaches that although human beings are fallen sinners, they will be saved in the end through the universal redemption accomplished by Christ on the cross of Calvary.