: Sofia Petrovna (European Classics) (): Lydia Chukovskaya, Aline Werth: Books. There are two editions of Chukovskaia’s novel Sofia Petrovna available: the . Sibelan Forrester, “Lidiya Chukovskaya,” in in Anne Commire and Deborah. About Chukovskaya: Sofia Petrovna. This is a fictional account of one woman’s experience following the arrest of her son during the Yezhov purges. Drawing on .

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She has gotten letters attesting to it, she claims. Kill the misunderstanding and you end petrovnz killing love. The people who condemned others to die weren’t ingenious psychopaths like Orwell’s O’Brien so much as tired bureaucrats administering dry rules, dreaming of lunch.

She works in a publishing house, typing up manuscripts for the betterment of the people. She, along with Alik and a colleague from work who has a crush on Kolya, spends many, many hours and days waiting in the long lines that form, hoping for scraps of information.

Towards sofis end of her life she worked with her daughter, Elena Tsezarevna Chukovskaia, to edit and publish her father Kornei Chukovskii’s journals. Natasha makes a typographical error that is mistaken for a criticism of the Red Army and she is fired. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Lidiia Chukovskaia, SOFIA PETROVNA

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Every example of real love, which is to say freely given loyalty, is conditioned on certain misunderstandings about ourselves or the object of our love.

The results are that the patriotic are jailed, the healthy are driven to suicide, those whose only crime is to love their relatives are driven mad. It follows from this that, in a society devoted to the increase of data and the killing of illusions, the future of truly selfless love looks bleak. She said, “We — I think there were ten of us — have kept quiet about this for more than twenty years.


And there were a lot of characters, in that Russian way. Pullins Company Publication date. Kolya, an engineering student and strong Communistis at the beginning of a promising career, with his picture featured on the cover of Pravda. Russia is not known for its female authors, yet Chukovskaya managed to leave the west the only detailed account of the great purges written during the same years.

Chukovskaya: Sofia Petrovna

Sofia Petrovna offers a rare and vital record of Stalin’s Great Purges. Like everyone, Sofia Petrovna believes in her own uniqueness and has faith that once she apprises the proper authorities of a few facts that she, unlike thousands of people whose relatives have also been arrested, will receive special treatment. One of the genius touches of Sofia Petrovna is its depiction of how everyone on the Soviet social ladder, with the exception of maybe Stalin himself, was at once a potential torturer and potential victim, and how everyone’s consciousness of this fact, the wild swinging hinge of each individual life that could lead either to promotion or to the torture chamber, encouraged decisions which, en masse, created the slaughter of the late s.

The famous painter Il’ya Repin was a close neighbor, and all kinds of famous poets, writers and other artists visited the house.

Sofia Petrovnathen. Beth Holmgren, who has done the most significant work to date on the author in English see belowstresses both Chukovskaia’s professionalism as a writer and editor and the gendered, “feminine” way in which she understands and projects her own creativity.

Sofia Petrovna by Lydia Chukovskaya

Sofia is a Soviet Everywoman, a doctor’s widow who works as a typist in a Leningrad publishing house. Yet she believes that the regime would not arrest innocent people. Fans of the period literature will have noticed that Sofia Petrovna covers much the same subject matter as Anna Akhmatova’s Reqiuem — the son’s arrest, the waiting outside the Leningrad prisons, and so on.


Kolya is an exemplary Petrovnz youth, and he is innocent — but in these times that doesn’t matter. See 1 question about Sofia Petrovna‚Ķ. It finally saw release in France in in Russian but with a changed title “The Deserted House” and different character names.

The author denies knowledge to her characters not because the author would do better, if placed in the character’s position, but only to illustrate the epistemic deficiencies we all labor under.

She fails to make the connection. Sofia Petrovna – US. Nothing is better than standing by eptrovna object of your love; nothing is more unspeakable than abandoning it.

Chukovskaya depicts an office milieu hilariously like any that might be found in a contemporary Western city: I chukovslaya mean that this was cinematic, exactly. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Get to Know Us.

Sofia Petrovna

Through translator Aline Wer Having just finished one of Tolstoy’s masterpieces that looks ahead to Russia’s future, I selected a novella set in that details the purge of enemies of the party.

Sofia Petrovna, a staunch Bolshevik, works at the government publishing house while taking care of her beloved son Kolya. Ordinary Life in Extraordinary Times: Once Stalin had died and his actions were being looked on with disfavor, she submitted it for publication and got a contract to publish. A nice topical thought: A heroin that endures the arrest of her son, her son’s best friend; her own termination and her best friends termination from their jobs, her best friends suicide and life as she knew vanquishes in the stifling air of the time.

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