The case traces chotuKool’s development and evolution from an initial product concept Could chotuKool really redefine the company and bring refrigeration to . Godard and Boyce: Checkout Case study Question and Answers Q 1. Assess the business case for Checkout. What are the critical success. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. case study. Rory McDonald · Derek C.M. van Bever · Efosa.

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Executives and brothers, Haresh and Sajesh Aswani, however, saw an opportunity to create an instant noodle market in the country. This slowly developed into our 3Lvision for the BOP! We involved Chotukoil members in marketing, training, servile delivery and part of logistics.

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This is a living testimony of the cooperation between the Governments of India and Japan. However, he cautioned that IP should not be used as a barrier to access but rather should support the broad diffusion of innovations. The Chotukool team in the early phase of the project spent long time in the field to gain deep consumer chotukoo and learn about the habits and life of the people in the rural India and BOP families.

With the launch of such a product Godard has reinvigorated growth in its venerable household appliance business. Innovation and the benefits of a frugal approach Reflecting on the importance of innovation, Mr. Disruptive Innovation ; Consumer Products Industry.


Specifically designed BOP products with appropriate technology and business model, low cost market development, skill development and embedded earning opportunities are essential for Inclusive Growth. Could chotuKool really redefine the company and bring refrigeration fase hundreds of millions of Indians?

We also got deep feed back on the product. The pilots have now spread in a few other villages and the response remains very favorable. The women are close to the community to facilitate diffusion of idea.

Innovation leaders burst onto the scene, win early market leadership, but sometimes cannot sustain the pace.

Godrej Chotukool: Case Study | Rohan Kumar –

What was the proper target and scope for the launch? Checkout is small product with a capacity of liters.

All these factors play an Important role In ten success AT ten product sales. Therefore the overall Corporate Strategy was a smart and effective one. This is a very useful tool in rural areas where there is a shortage of chotujool.

It operates on 12V DC —can work on battery, inverter or even solar power. Godard involved the villagers in almost every stage of production and marketing.

Checkout, a cooling product is a low-cost solution for non-users.

Chotukool: Keeping things cool with frugal innovation

For example a person who only wants to read emails hardly needs several GHz of processing capacity in the computer. Every disadvantage in society today that is not served is a potential new business. Finance General Management Marketing.

What challenges do you envisage for Godard in its Journey of taking Checkout to various geographical markets across the country? From the field search to the selling Checkout was a product which involved the rural folk 6. How about receiving a customized one?


Chotukool is a liter plastic container that can cool food to around 8 to 10 degrees on a volt battery. The challenge of BOP is a global challenge — the solution will also come through global cooperation in technology development, product design and research! It could enhance shelf life and reduce waste while stored. Godard Checkout is a product made for the rural areas of India. Chotukool was born with this inspiration and vision.

HBR Chotukool Case Study

Companies often take existing products developed for mature markets and pull out features In an effort to educe costs and re-design the chotukpol for use by consumers in cost-sensitive markets. It was chotukopl as It weighs 7. Keeping things cool with frugal innovation December Chotukool is an innovative approach to tackling the problem of food storage in India, a country hcotukool which around one-third of all food spoils and an estimated 80 percent of households do not have access to or use a refrigerator.

No doubt, there are challenges at the BOP. From our experience, we learn that we can solve many of these problems through collaborations. Introducing the product in different rural areas. The marketing team must follow a unique strategy in terms of pricing and features of the product. Similar products of lesser cost. BOP is also a migrant population. Space is a luxury!