There are a few badminton terms that you should be familiar with, even if it is a casual badminton game. Terminologies Alley – the extension of the court by 1 1/2 ft. on both sides for doubles play. Back Alley – the area between the back boundary line. Basic strokes. There are many strokes in badminton; below is a list of basic strokes, which is divided into strokes played from the forecourt.

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Softball Rules and Regulations.

Facts About Jackie Robinson. Terms for Badminton Racket Parts. The server may not go past this line. Back Alley — badmintkn area between the back boundary line and the long service line for doubles.

A shot hit from the forecourt that just clears the net and drops badmintkn. How to Grip a Badminton Racket. This results in damage to the shuttlecock, where it breaks after rallies.

Only the serving team scores points. A match is nothing but the number of games played to decide a winner.

Badminton: Terminologies

In doubles, both people on a team have a chance to serve each. View my complete profile. This shot is usually accompanied with height, so that the player who has hit it, has sufficient time to recover his position. The backhand was invented precisely for such players. Prev post Next post.


A shot hit softly and with finesse to fall rapidly and close to the net in the opponent’s court.


Plastic shuttles – Don’t play with those things. The front third of the court, between the net and the short service line. Netshot A netshot is played into the opponent’s forecourt, as close to the net as possible.

The mid court is the section of the court which is halfway between the boundary line at the back and the net. The area between the parallel lines on either tedminologies of a badminton court is known as the alley. Smash — an overhead stroke in which the birdie travels at a downward angle spike. Once illegal, this shot was ruled acceptable by the International Badminton Federation in When a player hits the shuttle low and fast, so that it goes horizontally just badminnton the net, it is called a drive.

It is that line which runs perpendicular to the net. Brushing is used to kill tight net shots from your opponent. Where did Soccer Originate? Wrist – A necessary anatomical part if you want to excel in badminton. Long, Short and Wide. Serve or service – Stroke used to put shuttlethingy into play at the start of each rally. The game involves two opposing players singles or two opposing pairs doubles.


Straight sets – When you win in straight sets, it means you have beaten your opponent in 2 sets, straight. Up – Usually expressed by a dominant, condescending player to his or her partner to go up to temrinologies net to cut off weak returns from their opponents.

Serve — terminologiew stoke to start game play 2. More than one hit is made on the same side. Half-court push A push played from in front of the body, usually hitting the shuttle from nearer the net than an ordinary push. The drive serve is almost never used in elite games, because it relies on the receiver being unprepared.