Fused Cast AZS block is also called electro Zircon corundum block, which is abbreviated as AZS because it contains Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2. Alumina-zirconia-silica (AZS) fused-cast refractories began to increase in popularity in glass furnace applications for the glass contact and. fused Cast AZS refractories are the most widely used materials both in glass contact and superstructure of glass melting products are made of.

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Further, some cement refractories can refractkry low melting phases at the high temperatures typical of glass melting furnaces, thus leading to higher corrosion rates. High temperature resistant, highly loadable, fine ceramic, sintered construction material, process for its production, and a component made of a ceramic material. Process for making a high temperature-resistant ceramic material with an adjustable thermal expansion coefficient and method of use of same.

US20080314085A1 – AZS refractory composition – Google Patents

The amount of setting agent may be adjusted to increase or decrease the setting time for the colloidal system refractory. Fused AZS particles consist of particles each comprising alumina, zirconia, and silica. The refractory composition may be formed on the wear portion using one or more refractory forming methods such as casting, pumping, or shotcreting formless pumping with a setting accelerant.

Besides glass furnaces, the refractory composition may be used in brass, copper, and bronze furnaces.

Properties and applications of fused cast AZS – Refractory Materials in Glass Industry

The wear spots shorten the service life of glass tanks and often are unpredictable, thus disrupting production of molten glass. Reference Number Reference Number. The method of claim refrcatory wherein the refractory composition is formed by a method selected from casting, pumping, and shotcreting. Ceramic powder compositions and optoelectronic device substrates utilizing the same.

The method of claim 21 wherein the first set of components comprises alumina particles with an average particle size greater than 1 mm. Dense microstructure of Fused Cast AZS 33 bricks to glass corrosion resistant performance is good, not easy to produce slag and other defects in glass kiln. Tell us your needs as specific as refractkry.


To simulate the harsh conditions in a glass melting furnace, refractory corrosion tests were performed to evaluate resistance to sodium hexametaphosphate. Therefore, selected key parts of the glass furnace, so that these parts of the life and the other part of the lower scale.

In particular, any feature indicated as being preferred or advantageous may be combined with any other feature or features indicated as being preferred or advantageous. The refractory composition of claim wzs wherein the refractory composition does not include an effective amount of a hydraulic cement.

In one embodiment, the refractory composition does not include an effective amount of any other type of binder, such as a hydraulic cement binder. The refractory composition has been found to provide excellent corrosion resistance.

The refractory composition may be formed on one or more portions of the sidewall or hearth. Proper particle provides good particle packing for reduced porosity, which leads to greater strength and less glass penetration in the refractory. A refractory composition comprising: The present invention will now be further described.

Year of fee payment: The zirconia may be provided by zircon flour or a zirconia bearing material. US USB2 en The furnace was operated for a period of time and the composition was found to perform well throughout the furnace. The refractory blocks can become deeply refractoryy and may develop wear spots or portions where the molten glass has eroded or dissolved the refractory.

USA1 – AZS refractory composition – Google Patents

It is known that particle size effects the properties of the liquid refracrory compositions such as pumpabilityas well as the mechanical and chemical properties of the final refractory.

The refractory blocks usually receive considerable wear from the molten glass and the refrctory of glass making materials. Glass may be constructed of separate refractory brick or blocks within a frame.

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This product is only available for straight brick. It is the most widely used in the products of glass furnace, the upper part of the structure is mainly applicable to the molten pool, pool wall brick and tile work pool, material etc. For illustration purposes and refractpry as a limitation, Table 1 provides exemplary types and proportions of first set of components for the colloidal silica refractory system.

AZS Bricks

The refractory composition is formed on the surface of a furnace. The refractory composition of claim 1 wherein the refractory composition is formed on at least one wear portion of a glass melting furnace. Refrwctory refractory composition of claim 1 wherein the refractory composition is formed on at least one wear portion of a brass furnace.

Typical applications are superstructures, skew blocks, wall bricks and upper-checker in regenerators, paving, sub-paving, and forehearth blocks in float glass furnaces.

Publication Year Publication Year. Commercial AZS alumina-zirconia-silica refractories are a good alternative in refractory materials for the glass industry’ because they can support the aggressive conditions during liquid processing of glass. Green member for the manufacture of a sintered refractory product having improved bubble generating behavior. Brass furnaces are refractory lined vessels shaped as containers for melting brass.

The particle size of the refractory material allows for a multi-functional material which can be easy shotcreted, pumped or cast. For each Example, the first set of components was mixed together prior to mixing with the colloidal silica binder.

The blocks fit together without mortar and typically are arranged in a rectangular shape to hold molten glass.

The refractory composition of claim 1further comprising a setting agent.