ser ignorado en planteamientos de cierto tema; desacuerdos; realizar tareas desagradables; criticado; insultado; menospreciado; ignorado. baratadora. JÃVà FAUDO en el prologo del Diccionario cas– “^tdkmo-catÃdan ofrecà la publicacioú del pre< sente catalan-castel.

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Comet aseecion elongated, 2′ in diameter, 7 mag. The following control-word is one-fifth of the sum of the five number words pre- ceding it. First date of ephenieris and light for that date. AdKI 10 October 11 c ,”, l. This is to be expressed in arc, to the nearest minute. Degrees and minutes of Right Ascension. Same Kqninox as Word No. Mean Noonand is to be expressed in day of the month and four decimal places.

In getting control-words, zero is ahvays to be counted 0. First North Polar Distance. The variable is of the Algol type: In order that this code might have a fair experimental trial without interfering with the then existing svstem of international communication of discoveries, arrangements were made with Lord Crawford for the receipt and publication of cable messages containing orbits com- puted in the United States and vice versa.

A message of this form may be appended to a message in Phrase Code or in the vernacular, or it may lie one of a series of positions, each of which is indicated by its distinctive word, the name of a month. This phrase-word will always be followed by one or more number- words, each containing a date and the corresponding magnitude.

This phrase-word will always be followed by a munber-word, the three places on the left Indicating the brighter phase in magnitudes and tenthsqsercion the two places on the right, the difference in” bright- ness expressed also in magnitudes and tenthsto be added to the brighter phase to express the fainler. Time expressed in day of month, and three places of decimals.


Mm3904 pdf

This date, which is always 12 days later than the first date of the ephemeris. Tin- seventh word will be a control-word, and equal aserion one-fourth of the sum of the preceding six number-words ; thus: I 07 86 and is reprcveiitel by the 3 Hh word in section L’07 [FAiiri.

Probably a variable star. The brightness israpidly increasing ; it trill appear in the Northern heniisjihere mid will become very brilliant. Applying the numbers corresponding to the words we have: Mm pdf The seconds 30″ will be found in word No. It in visible to the nukfil rye.

The announcement has been received here of tlie discovery of a comet by. A maximum ivill occur. This article may contain references or links to statutes, regulations, or other mm pdf This device is designed as a general purpose amplifier and switch. If followed by number-words, these will indicate wave-length in ten- mUlionths of a millimeter. I’ is represented by the ,’Mth word in section 9′. For the expression of an approximate position, words 2, 3 xsercion 4 should be given to the neare.

The period is short. Gould and others who have had actual experience with the CODE, the most practicable of which have been incorporated in this edition.

Full text of “Diccionario Catalan-Castellano” – Internet Archive

Krueger expressed a wish that the originators of this CODE would act as the centre for the United States for announcements and for collection of news of astronomical discoveries, and shortly afterwards Prof. It was observed at Mel- bourne Dec. These are elliptic elements. Fourth decimal of day Control-word Motion in R. For information on using your M or M telephone when connected to a Meridian. IXK1 2 3 J. Of this, the degrees and minutes form word No.


The variation in magnitude is from ti.

Full text of “Diccionario Catalan-Castellano” – Internet Archive – PDF Free Download

Si’lill’lllbfi- i jj “lO. O which is evidently the correct word, and, on comparison aserciln the telegraphic characters represent- ing the two words, it becomes evident that the error was introduced in course of transmission over telegraph lines using the Morse system.

The sum asetcion the numbers corresponding to all the phrase-words used in this message, up to and including he control-word itself, is. O I July 0. The words have been sa selected that the literal arrangement of anv word differs from that of every other by at least two letters, and all words of more than ten letters have been excluded.

Data, which, added to words Nos. Same Ki iiinox as Word No. Referred to the Mean Kqiiinox of the beginning of the year in which the olt- xi iT’iliniix we’re made, on which the elements arc based. The dates of the ephemeris check each other, and the word No. It h word in section [Coi.