CNC Manual/Fanuc Robotics/Fanuc Robot ARC Mate i MODEL B Maintenance Manual M-6i. Fanuc Robot ARC Mate i MODEL B Maintenance Manual. Refurbished Fanuc M-6i / Arcmate i with RJ2 control and pendant. Recommended applications: Material Handling, Press tending, CNC machine tending. Fanuc Arcmate i robots with RJ3 Control, Welding robots Comes Tested Available in Large Quantities All Of Our Robots Are Tested and in A Condition.

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I have now copied and pasted the program so that it runs 4 times in one program, there is a pause programmed in for me to turn the fixture and mount the next part.

I hope that I can give back something to the robot community My success was as far as actually seeing packets of info get transferred when I would try to backup TP programs from the teach pendant. If you make any headway, please share the details.

I have tried the following: The serial port is a serial port, your network interface is a network interface. If I used fixed stations I end up clamping and unclamping the part six or eight times depending on access.

Robot used Fanuc – Fanuc Arcmate 100i Arc Welding Robot With Panastar RF350 Welding Power Source

The upper right tells the join date. I made up what I believe is the right custom cable. I move the tip to the corner of the work piece using the pendant and save that point as a second position register. Started by zaneta30 on Fanuc Robot Forum. Thanks again for the input!


I am also still seeking the Kfloppy software so I might try to just use agcmate older, simple method of arcmatr them up. This works well the only headache is adjustments to the program need to be done in 4 places. I will do the same.

Fanuc Robot ARC Mate i MODEL B Maintenance Manual M-6i pdf – CNC Manual

It comes with Kfloppy. I would like to put some steps in the beginning of the program to check and adjust the programmed positions. November 05, I guess if I understand correctly, Kfloppy is listening for serial protocol and will avoid the need for any other software or hardware other then the fabricated cable. Started by Dave on Used Robots and parts.

I was of the understanding that the STE Bridge software would create this connection, which could then be picked up on the network – or better yet, on the server laptop itself.

His Join date was I think I understand the problem you are talking about though. I am registered with Fanuc but waiting to hear back from them. Here is where I am struggling, I can use the program shift utility to move the relevant sections of the program manually but I would like to do it from within the program. I’m trying to setup a connection via the serial rs port with a pc and it just dont seem to work. July 01, I haven’t been able to pull it off.


Robot usato Fanuc – Fanuc Arcmate i | Eurobots

Started by latendal on Fanuc Robot Forum. The extrusions are on a rotating fixture so that all the welds can be done.

I do not yet have access to the CRC. Thanks again for the help from forum members!

Program starts and moves to a point position register near arcmwte corner of the work piece. December 31, So I tried a couple pieces of software – Serial-to-Ethernet “Bridge” software. To my knowledge, the Fanuc controller does not support this, so regardless of what you do on your laptop you cannot use the program you mentioned and expect it to work.