Star Cruiser is a game of starship combat in the 24th century. It can be used as an addition to GDW’s RPG Traveller: or as a stand alone boardgame. Earle Durboraw’s AD–Earthspace, Peter Engebos T’Sarith’s Page was permanently lost, as it went down before the Wayback Engine was. Traveller Kennedy WIP IIIn “Traveller “. AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part IIIn “Traveller “. AD out soon and.

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And the Arabs are not hesitant to use their influence with Ebers and Manchurians to make life difficult for the recently arrived Texans, in a jealous effort to protect their hold on Kormoran.

The player characters are given the opportunity to train on board the Carnegie, providing them with more skills, and preparing them to meet an incredible, nascent threat to the station and crew, as a few desperate employees attempt to grapple with the leavings of an ancient cruser being. The UK magazine’s editor Paul Pettengale commented: This simple change kept missiles from being overly powerful compared to how they work in AD.

And the rules, well The French have found themselves holding the reins of power on Beta Canum. Two years later, reports from the Arcturus system ceased. Star Cruiser also includes several historical scenarios, drawn from the timeline. As he watched, a jack turret opened, and the inside began to glow red as its power built toward discharge.

The magazine supported the science fiction gaming community with articles written for a multitude of RPG systems. Perhaps one of the best alien species ever created for an RPG, the Kafers are truly alien, with a unique physiology, psychology and society. The Astronomischen-Rechen Institut ARIa foundation pledged to extend the boundaries of human exploration rcuiser human knowledge, recognizes this potential and has for years been in preparation for the long voyage to this fabled cache of stars.

Even to grow food is a struggle of sizable dimensions. There are several examples of these changes that those familiar with AD will notice. Bandits start shooting at cruiseg, so you radio for backup, and both the Mexican and Texan corps send in air support. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


AD/Starcruiser AD Fleets for Nova –

The majority of the “oversized” ships are civvies and I would rather have a smaller Hull with “oversized” cargo. Earthquakes and volcanic activity were 2300d hazards. He was a man on the run, and sooner or later his enemies would find him and destroy what was left his shattered life. Invaluable if you are running a Kafer War campaign. Owned by those incompetents at Mongoose – when is Blue Shift being made, eh?

Its fate lies not only in the hands of its armies and navies, but also in the hands of its civilian populations. For those familiar with the AD setting you will see many ships that appeared both in canon materials and as man-made designs.

This is the location of the Kafers’ citadel base and the target of Operation Overlord. Many of these worlds are being re-discovered after the resumption of interstellar travel with the end of the Shadow Centuries.

In Invasion, player characters can experience the course of the Kafer assault on the French Arm, but they can also take an active part in the human defense efforts, no matter what career they have been trained in.

Survival will be difficult, and will probably depend on the cooperation of a native alien race of beings. GDW always had a tendency to rush out games, and this set is a fine example: The secondary mission of the British fleet is merchant protection and many light vessel types are deployed throughout human space for this purpose.

One thing this caused was to have to “fudge” things a little to be able to include fighters not based on ships. The local neighborhood of stars contains white dwarves, red giants and warm yellow stars like our own. I’d enjoy a retrospective on Legions of Steel, I think. The battle was close, but the major population centers held out. Every planet has its own unique character. Please e-mail me once the item is received so I know the transaction is complete and I can leave feedback.


Even as assassins’ fire claimed their lives, native forces initiated a simultaneous attack on the partially completed Fifth Foreign Legion fortress. The American Arm has reached a dead end, further expansion along it impossible under available technology. Rules covers all aspects of conflict resolution, from arguments to all-out battles.

In play test these tweaks made for some interesting choices for players beyond range, aim and fire.

Delta Vector: AD Star Cruiser – Design Philosophy Done Right (Restrospective Series)

Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable. The dominant power, both on Earth and in space, is Francerecently reorganized in as the Third French Empire, and incorporating much of Africa. Detailed character generation, starship operations and combat, and economics make Traveller: For the players, this book becomes a handy cruissr to the local starships, letting them know what they can and cannot expect 3200ad of the Ships of the French Arm. When they did not return no one was too surprised.

2300 AD Star Cruiser & Ships of the French Arm – GDW

SVL 28 December at First off, I had originally designed every fighter as a standard ship and then placed them into groups of 4 to essentially make a flotilla. By continuing to use the site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as explained crjiser our Privacy Policy to improve your experience. Some generalizations apply, as exemplified by the names given to the three arms of human space, but virtually every nation on Cruise is now represented throughout man’s stellar community.

I’ve seen two versions. Every sentient species has certain mysteries that are unknown to humans in AD and which can be unlocked through adventure and research.

As of the time period of the game, each of the three Arms is saddled with a particular difficulty. Because of this, their meagre space forces have seen a recent surge.