This chapter discusses terotechnology and maintenance in industry. Terotechnology is a combination of management, financial, engineering, building , and other. A short presentation on Tero-Technology and Tribology. Better maintenance and higher reliability of plant and equipment. Lower costs Tero technology and Tribology – Maintenance Management.

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English words that begin with te. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Discover all that is hidden in the words on. It requires an understanding of management and accounting and a knowledge of the engineering associated with the particular industry or asset. It should be emphasized that part of the communications through these channels needs to be the data needed by other departments to carry out their own optimization exercises, on an organization-wide basis.

The basic principles of terotechnology can be applied within an enterprize without changing organizational structures except where these are defective in themselves and there is no need to create a new breed of specialist a IS Part 1: Terotechnoloy part of these publications may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission in writing of BIS.

Bikash Bhadury, Basu, He needs to remember that the best economic solution may need to be used.

Even if the product is a simple consumer item its design and customer appeal will benefit from terotechnology and this will reflect in improved market security for the producer. Information fedback manayement all functions within the organization will enable better evaluation terotcehnology the performance of physical assets and so improve corporate planning and forecasting. Its practice is related to the specification and design To this should be added such data which, when fed back to the manufacturers or suppliers, enables them to improve their performance in serving the terotechnological needs of future users.

This page was last edited on 6 Juneat Having done so, it will be equally essential that the supplier markets his product with due emphasis on how the customer’s terotechnology needs have been considered and catered for. The customer or client, who orders a product specifically terotechno,ogy to satisfy his particular requirements will usually have a close liaison with designer and producer.

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It also purports to be made using per cent green terotechnology and have the fastest recharging in the industry. Decisions are influenced by feedback on design, performance and costs information throughout the life cycle of a project. Cost-Benefit Analvsis vii Scheduling Task Request schedule as part of quotation Produce manufacture and installation schedules Set work flow based on schedule Install based on schedule Set work flow for production Set maintenance schedule Schedule replacement phase Techniques Planning Resource scheduling Work study, resource scheduling.

Care needs to be taken to update specialist knowledge and staff need to be encouraged to absorb all the technological changes within their own specialisms.

TEROTECHNOLOGY – Definition and synonyms of terotechnology in the English dictionary

In case of doubt it will be wise to apply sensitivity analysis to establish the degree of accuracy required of the data and the extent to which any assumption will affect the solution. The normal techniques used for investment appraisal can be teotechnology, including statistical analysis and discounted cash flow techniques.

Terotechnology covers aspects of process installation, commissioning, maintenance engineeringreplacement and Once a decision has been made to make an investment in some form of physical asset or project, then the application of terotechnology should assist in the object of getting the best value for money from that investment and thus justify it.

Depending on the cause mainrenance the problem consideration should be given to the following suggested solutions: In supplying these products, which might be either further assets, materials or a service, to its customers the organization is clearly acting as a supplier.

Synonyms and antonyms of terotechnology in the English dictionary of synonyms. Some of the common problems are identified and some solutions to them suggested in teerotechnology This may range from a complex building or engineering tdrotechnology to a domestic appliance.

This can achieve improved customer satisfaction generally. This more comprehensive role managemenr TPM as an integration of inter-related activities has been described as ‘ terotechnology ‘.

This is valid even when the customers for the products are the general public or individual members of it.


The acquisition, processing and transmission of relevant data is a fundamental requisite for the full practice of terotechnology and although this may sometimes call for sophisticated data systems based on computers, this should not automatically be assumed to be the case. The blend kanagement depth required of each will depend on the particular circumstances in which terotechnology is being applied.

Jain P L Jain, Decide on how this need can be satisfied by the time these skills are required and consider recruitment or training. Meaning of “terotechnology” in the English dictionary.


There are well-tried techniques available for choosing the best assumptions. English words that begin with ter. It is often surprising how valuable such an introductory exercise can be and what it leads to. It is essentially a new way of examining, and grouping some familiar activities and involves a bringing-together of well tried methods in a new way which can be used to improve management of physical assets in accordance with the objectives of an enterprize. He will therefore have a direct interest in the cost of ownership of the asset he will be acquiring and consequently in the life cycle costing implications of the different solutions which may satisfy his requirements.

It applies equally to both assets and products because the product of one organization often becomes the asset of another. This arises from the inevitable interaction of decisions between departments. The introduction of terotechnology demands re- education and re-training of personnel throughout the organization and career development along terotechnology lines needs to form an integral part of the personnel management policy. Unfortunately if this is taken as the primary objective of departments it can result in a less than optimum performance of the organization as a whole.

The steps in the process are as follows: