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MalkaniWithin two years of the Arab invasion, the Arab influence was confined to Debal and the surrounding coastline.

Many Hindu arts and sciences began to flow from Sindh into the Arab lands. The basic point, of course, is that no country can always be on top of the world.

Malkanirise of Sikh power in the Punjab did come as a moral boost to the Sindhi Hindus, who had promptly put up a few gurdwaras.

But for his help this book s not be what it is. Dipen Ambalia has authored 3 books till now. Fife, an engineer, to submit a plan that eventually found consummation in the great Sukkur Barrage, turning Sindh into a surplus province.

LOSER: Life Of a Software EngineeR by Dipen Ambalia

Contact with Bombay, Calcutta and London had shown djpen a stagnant pool was Sindh. The loot of Sindh enriched the Arab lands. If Muslim States treat their minorities in this manner. It was the cumulative result of the winds of change that blew in from all directions.


Such a shabby book. It proves that it is possible for men to enjoy the advantages of a complex urban civilization without having to pay for them by periodical mass-murders.

I do not know why Kewal’s choice fell on me. Sadly, the book is from a male-perspective and I am afraid that female readers if any won’t be able to take the fullest amusement of the book. But all I can say is gr This is one of the book where I found myself related in each and every chapter either directly or indirectly, The most valuable thing that I got to know was about “outsourcing” industry’s evolution.

He wrote to Hajjaj: Those were the days when Sindhi women lived in purdah; you could see 12year-old mothers. And that not only shows that their civilization was highly developed, but also proves that there were huge forests, supplying quantities of firewood.

LOSER: Life Of a Software EngineeR

Nepaul should be ours and an ague fit should become the courtly imperial Turkish sickness at Constantinople, while the emperor of Russia and he of China should never get their pulses below ! This was the situation in Sindh during the mortal Arab challenge. The merger with Bombay linked Sindh to Hindu India officially and intimately. And so he stopped, held up the picture for me to see and said he had just bought it because of the respected Seth of his village sitting in that group.

When Sita died, Asim immolated himself on her funeral pyre! But he could not find any although it is known that the Greek invader had buried some over-size arms in India, to make the future generations think that the Greek soldiers were some kind of over-size supermen.

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Jun 12, Swaroop rated it really liked it. I fell for the ti 1. Many other Sindhis became trusted accountants in Arab business houses. He himself set an example when, at his daughter Rukmani’s wedding feast he served only papad and sherbet The Radha Swamis of Agra persuaded the Sindhi women to replace armfuls of ivory bangles by just one or more gold bangles.

To say that i finished this book in a single sitting of 2. He set up Metharam Dharmada Trust for all his properties, in the name of his elder brother.

The hatred, bitterness, mass-suffering and the War could not be prevented by the bond of Islam. Dahir’s wife Ladi was captured. The king was a Brahmin but there were too many Buddhists, making for social dissonance.

But they returned disheartened when Ali died.

The Sindh Story

What Islam do they have in mind, to which they want to go back? He did suggest that Islam must be re-thought in modern times, but, made practically no contribution towards fruition of this idea. Here are Shiva Pashupatinath and Kali, the worship of linga and peepal. The front seats were reserved for women.