JETHRO TULL Vinyl Lp THICK AS A BRICK Newspaper Cover Reprise Beauty! $ 0 bids. JETHRO TULL and is getting impossible to find in any. Pictures of actual album for sale – excellent condition of newspaper. A work of art ! Some fading and marks (white marks) on outer jewel case. Inner magnificent. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Thick As A Brick on Discogs.

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Jethro was being accused of making an concept album when releasing Aqualung, so they wanted to live up to their given reputation just for the sake of it.

It is the in famous “Moose Story”, where after a succession of incredible and belly-ache hilarious events, mostly all of them making fun of contemporary customs or timeless rbick, a Jewish couple end up permanent members of the very exclusive New York Athletic Club, without being invited or even having the club aware of their presence. On the whole, the music is tul, and uplifting, with just a few negative sections thrown in for good measure.

German Albums Offizielle Top [59]. So, what are we left with? The production is very good and everything is clear in the mix.

A very controlled but spirited jam follows, kept in check by the efficient rhythm section of Barlow on drums and the steady Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond on bass. Cleve Chronicle, narrating on the front page the stor’ of the poem in the middle of a made up newspaper with all it’s columns.

Jethro Tull Thick as A Brick LP | eBay

The song starts off innocent enough staying close to tull’s folk roots with some beautiful flute then at roughly the 3 minute mark we’re treated to a wonderfully energetic newsppaer dynamic jam where everyone shines, anderson’s lyrics come to the fore, john evans and martin barre offer equally brilliant melodies – indeed newspapsr trend on the whole album while barrie barlow holds everything together brilliantly on skins along with jeffery hammond on bass.


One of my favourite moments is near the beginning of the second side where drummer Barriemore Barlow launches into a breakneck drum solo, a first class drum solo at that! Danish Albums Tracklisten [58]. Your collection wouldn’t be quite right without this one! Also iethro in Also shop in.

The only awkward moment of the album comes as the band rushes to reprise the main theme, reintroduced without subtlety and in a rush as newsspaper they realised they were runing out of vinyl. Whether it’s a jazz flute style solo, a hard rock section, soft acoustic, xylophone parts or whatever, it all rocks. Side one is near perfect in my opinion.


Because it is an exemplar of what made progressive rock such an important part of music’s development. After all, there is nothing better to evoke laughter than hearing a good joke.

Thick as a Brick was viewed by some critics as Jethro Tull’s first progressive rock album. Any fan of quality, genuine progressive rock should have this in their thickk and I highly recommend this reissue in particular. Everything is thoughtfully arranged and clear sounding.

The music itself is amazing and there are several tunes which just get stuck in your head and what ever you do they just can’t get rid of them! Jethro Tull later told the tulo the making of this newspaper took as long thiick the recording of the album. Make no mistake the musicianship on this record is top notch. The lyrics are quite comical at times, a musical interpretation of a poem, although I am not sure to this day what the the real story in the words is.

He wanted to create a complex, confusing send-up of the band, music critics and the audience, and not necessarily in that order. And that’s my advice. You have to get this album. The song just keeps on flowing, switching between softer and heavier bits, subtle fade-outs followed by loud sonic bursts. Centered around a main theme songthe composition combines this main-theme with several side themes songs ,presenting the verses of the ‘poem’, all linked by instrumental passages, that use more or less the melodic and harmonic material of these themes.


Once again, a resounding no, as its flaws are a little too evident even after a couple of listens to call it perfect. Despite two tracks, two parts, I take them as collection of shorter ones, blended skillfully together. The real problem for me is that in the midst of a great song is too much filler and I get bored. An album in which everyone, newspa;er, plays his guts out, over and over again.

Nollen, Scott Allen This is looked at much more thoroughly by others more qualified to do so, but I still feel like adding my voice to the choir here and saying, yes, this album is undeniably a classic. Oh, but it is so much more than that! A painful flute build from Ian and some equally painful soloing from Martin.

Jethro Tull, Thick As A Brick, 1972 Pressing, with RARE 12-page gatefold fold-out newspaper

Laughter is the best medicine, so they say. This is perfect album from the best incarnation of a truly great band, a milestone of every genre of prog and rock music. After a gentler keyboard driven passage, we get to my favourite sections of the song – the slower, beautifully vocalized bricm instrumentaly accompanied Do nethro believe in the day?

Of course, I do not listen to it quite often but like for the remastered one for “Aqualung”, the first time I discover the story, I was quite interested but you should know by now that I like details.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Side 1 is flawless and makes grumble as the needles lifts off the wax, that you have to get up and change side. All of the musicians are at the top of their game, every note in place and none superfluous.