Forward Motion [Hal Galper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This deep, yet user-friendly book provides a unique view of how to learn to . I have in my collection Hal’s notes from 5 the early 80s about forward motion, Galper is explaining is offering countless ways of manipulating simple at first, and . Hal Galper-Forward Motion. I bought this book last week and started working through some of the ideas and it seems to be a pretty interesting.

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The following technique can only be implemented when you have acquired the ability to hear and execute a continuous 8th note line. To my knowledge, there is no other material available that covers forward motion in such great detail.

Envisioning musical ideas as kotion on 1 and 3 is static, while framing them to end on 1 and 3 is dynamic. Do the same for each succeeding scale tone. To establish a clear foundation upon which to hear and understand more rhythmically and melodically gaper musical ideas, the ear of the improviser as well as that of the listener desires to hear a simple melody first. So, if one pays close attention, this book can provide a way forward to stronger more cohesive improv lines.

The history of the jazz vocabulary contains the rules of the music within it. Consequently, this is a theory book only in how it relates to changing those states of mind.

Consequently, the processes involved in achieving these goals should differ as well. This is not always the case. Synchronized to spell out II-V-I.

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When practicing a particular musical idea, we are focused narrowly on the idea, focusing in a manner excludes all extraneous thoughts. How fast you can play depends on how fast you can hear. In the process, we acquired a tacit conditioning of how music worked that is not apropos for adult musicians.


Example 18 Example 19 is on the changes to the first four bars of one of the most played standards in American music. I had the good fortune to spend a week with Dizzy when he was a guest artist with the Phil Woods Quintet in the 80’s.

The strength of these groupings allows the improviser to spell out changes, both basic and superimposed, using a minimal amount of improvisational information: These books are written and published for many reasons: Sep 15, 3.

The added half-step is also applied to the second and third categories of scale lines: This will confirm whether you really know the changes to the tunes.

One of these items ships sooner than the other. Practice this melody until you can hear it. Yet, when the approaches end on the Target Notes, even though sometimes out of the key, they still sound good.

Of the 38 pentatonic scales, froward number of them can gzlper used to spell out basic changes. The ear can be trained to hear: Most beginning improvisers attempt to get this hop in an artificial manner, through articulation, by either playing their eight notes: Space is an illusion created by the performer.

The C triad will be used throughout. Sep 15, 6. Set up a giveaway.

Forward Motion: Hal Galper: : Books

This effect can be most clearly recognized when listening forware their recordings of up-tempo tunes. That is basically my poor explanation of what the Forward Motion book gets into.

A good line often spells out or leads the listeners ear into the next chord early Scale lines that ascend for chords that last two beats each, Category 3: His language is clear, precise and thoughtful with a pervasive sense of humor throughout as well wonderful stories from the real jazz world that underscores his points.


Someone, sometime in the far past, decided they were tired of sitting on cold, hard rocks and wondered if there was a better alternative they could come up with. This brings up another concept that bears much contemplation to understand: He used to turn piano players around.

Anyone digging into this book? Hal Galper Forward Motion Book

To change one’s actions, one must first change one’s thought processes. If you’re into improvised music, this one is definitely worth a forawrd. Home Forums Recent Posts. Western music is taught in a classroom environment where concepts are broken down to their smallest increments, analyzed to yield their meaning, then reconstituted to recreate the whole concept.

If you don’t play piano or don’t read treble clef, you can go on his website and hear the examples played on the web, using a plug-in you can download for free. The melodies become so strong that even without a chord being played behind them, you can hear the movement of the chords as they progress through a tune. This is no less so for the musician.

Some of the chord tones in the diatonic bebop Dom. When faced with a problem or something that doesn’t make sense, it automatically tries hall make sense out of it by relating it to the familiar.