Psychosemantics explores the relation between commonsense psychological Building on and extending Fodor’s earlier work it puts folk psychology on firm. very long manuscript called “Psychosemantics,” and a somewhat of. Mind. ( hence. RTM. ; for discussion see., among other sources.,. Fodor.,. FA. ; Fodor. Psychosemantics: The Problem of Meaning in the Philosophy of. Mind Jerry Fodor, as the leading philosophical exponent of cognitive science, has sparked.

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Was Psychosemantics a Failure? – The Brains Blog

In Models in the Brain too, but easier to find in the article! One new interesting take on the area is coming from Berkeley philosophy Hannah Ginsborg. It seeks to explain behavior and cognitive functioning by reference to the intentional content of various mental states.

Callaway – – Erkenntnis 33 2: Same with grue, same with disjunctive properties, etc. Ultimately, the conceptual scaffolding we build for flies, rats, bees, should extend partway to more complex creatures with complex conceptual systems with compositional semantics or whatever. I take it that spychosemantics argument goes something like this: What the magnetosome represents then is univocal; it represents only the direction of oxygen-free water. If high symmetry is more fit simply because other sex likes it, and we have runaway sexual selection, that is different from being more fit for reasons independently of psychosemantucs to potential mates: Reproductive fitness is what the consumer needs.


What evolution designed here are not, in general, specific concepts, but a concept formation mechanism. Is that one of the reasons you want to insist on paying attention only to the producer side?

But causal role semantics has even worse problems with this not to mention with error, reference etc. Gibsonians are in denial about, for just one example, the challenge they face in dealing with visual illusions. Well, at least you guys know that there is this problem with getting the contents right with teleosemantics.

On this point, I have to part ways with Robert Brandom. Perhaps you disagree, in which case I defer to your judgment. I was one of the Berkeley PhDs there. So, your objection to introspection is orthogonal to what I need. Given that every experimental condition that has rabbits present is also going to have URPs present, and vice versa, what basis is there for distinguishing their alleged causal differences?

Millikan requires that the producer is able to effect a correspondence according to some mapping rule between the representation produced and some world affair.

Review of Fodor, Psychosemantics

I hope friends of teleosemantics will weigh in on that. PGS writes great stuff!

As a result, empty concepts cause problems for such theories. Incidentally, in our lab we do see very different sensory responses depending on the behavioral state of the rat. History of Western Philosophy.

Not black dots — foxor is straightforward causal explanation. Thanks, and same to you, Pete!


In these papers, the necessary and sufficient conditions for individual recognition in philosophese: Tomatoes look just like tomatoes-or-Xgiven that the first disjunct is present. Not sure what the problem is here.

See what Dan Ryder said above. My sense was that you seemed rather dismissive of this problem of informational specificity. Call it the Received View RV.

Psychosemantics Quotes

I agree, Adam, that we should reject most of? The idea is that if we let Millikan, say, have her way and let the consumer John determine the content of what the visual system the producer emits, then the representation output by the visual system means reproductive fitness.

Sexual selection is an interesting wrinkle psychosemaantics these types of issues. Yes, the symmetry detection system may well track mate fitness, and it may even have the function of doing so. Indeed, it is natural to think about it in informational terms. Dretske has a great core idea, but because he was working in the same impoverished state, is also limited to his imagination to come up with possible solutions.

I look forward to having a closer look, and at the dissertation too.