ORIGEN DEL SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI. Heinz Dieterich Steffan. es un sociólogo y analista político alemán, residente en México. HEINZ DIETERICH STEFFAN SOCIALISMO DEL SIGLO XXI BASES DEL MODELO El desarrollismo democrático regional. La economía de. 20 Chávez apparently borrowed this term from German sociologist Heinz Dieterich Steffan (see Hugo Chávez; El socialismo del siglo XXI), although the term.

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When the main mass media is at the service of the dominant political project and is related to a single guideline, plurality disappears as well as the possibilities of exercising critique, these are key components of all order based on respect for public and individual freedoms, the balance between society and the State and the cooperation between the Powers Ball, This political regime turned around the central and emblematic figure of Hugo Chavez and public policies depended on the particular juncture by which crossed the country at a given time.

Dieterich, Heinz 1943-

Sobre el socialismo del siglo XXI en Venezuela. Morales has failed on all fronts, he has not been able to unit the country and has maintained a pugnacious confrontation with the political opposition, he has slowed the foreign investment in Bolivia, has not been able to reduce poverty or improved the living conditions of the Bolivian people, he has not been able to handle the mining and hydrocarbon wealth of the country, he has not been able to face with old allies such as Brazil and Argentina, and even he has managed to turn everybody against it, as it happened with a recent general rise of fuels, which should lay hastily backwards, before the citizen reaction.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Similarly, Dieterich says that the division of powers is the basis of the State of bourgeois right and the only contribution of it to advance in the political coexistence.

His Government has caused controversy for its relationship with the private media, who Belt considers their opponents. The Dietedich journalist Carlos Ball president of the Center for the dissemination of the Knowledge Economy for Freedom Cedice Freedom considers that in a democratic society the existence of private media, apart from political and economic power is essential.

Heinz Dieterich Steffan, Tres criterios para definir una economía socialista – PhilArchive

Concentration of K power. In this way, there are no equal rights for socialusmo entire population to benefit only the adherents to the Chavista revolution.


Today, Evo Morales is subject to the conflicting pressures of sectors and social groups increasingly fragmented and dispersed, and runs the risk of seeking refuge by affirming his leadership, which would create a fragile and undemocratic governance. Revista Nueva Sociedad, The second, because the kirchnerism deiterich intended to promote dynamics of democratization, in contrast to what it has happened with governments in Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador, which addressed constitutional processes of participatory character and led to extend the frontiers of rights Svampa, Judicial and legislative systems depend on the executive The legislative and judicial systems have also been founded under the power of the president of the Bolivarian Republic and the followers of his revolution.

The first, because beyond the progressivism, the Kirchnerist model was deeply peronist, capable of combining political courage and a traditional organizational legacy, which reveals a pragmatic conception of social change and the construction of hegemony, based on the classic model of social participation under state control and the figure of the leader.

The rise of the Bolivarian forces to power led by Hugo Chavez Frias in constitutes one of the most emblematic cases of rotation to the left that has occurred in Latin America. The Commission on Human Rights of the Xxu of American States is investigating cases of political discrimination in Venezuela. The socialist governments in Latin America have recently suffered the most uproarious defeats, since Chavez in to strengthen the emergence of the twenty-first century socialism.

The Latin American Socialism is based on a Socialist State that in theory is concerned with the social aspects of its population, is sustainable, respects the environment; the community is organized in social movements and citizenship with rights and duties. It actually had a break point in the year InBolivia began a new stage in its history. The future of radical policies 2a ed.

The XXI century socialism in the context of the new Latin American left

This ideological conception sought primarily to give responses to the serious problem of underdevelopment in which the region lives due to the social imbalances, injustice and inequality Hamburger, In Venezuela, unfortunately, people saw the first step of a plan to override the freedoms of thought and expression with the cancellation of the license to the TV channel Radio Caracas Television RCTV that during 53 years was on air because they declared opposition to the Chavista regime.


The political process initiated in Ecuador in deserves special attention due to the combination of multiple elements, sometimes of truly revolutionary nature, other hint of regressive, but always risky and contradictory.

During his government, there has been a great public investment for infrastructure, roads, security and social development. Kirchnerist Governments harassed this daily newspaper in all the unimaginable ways; among the most noteworthy were the supply rationing for cel, inspections of finance and the constitution of the Bicameral Commission of the congress whose action ended by expropriating the newspaper, surrendering it to the General Confederation of Labor Repoll, For Ball, this issue had serious repercussions since.

El socialismo del siglo XXI en el contexto de la nueva izquierda latinoamericana. Beyond the left and the right.

This author contends that the main lesson of the Chavista project was the need and importance of combined socialism with democracy, not a liberal democracy, but a participatory and direct democracy.

The socialist model proposed in soclalismo document these main guidelines: It is a tabloid that, despite characterized by prudence with military governments as democratic, has had a strong influence on the decisions of the powers throughout the time. In Argentina, the most outstanding example is the socialisom vocation of the middle classes, their political empowerment in a context of widespread consolidation of the big economic players.

The individual self-government is linked to the social self-determination. Conceptual differences between socialism and socialism diterich the XXI century.

Socialismo del siglo XXI. The reality of Venezuelan society was characterized by a totalitarian regime that constantly disrespect the fundamental rights of citizens such as freedom of the press, disregard for the rights of minorities and disrespect to the private property among others.

Similarly, the Kirchner concentrated Executive Power with regard to the provinces.

Perfiles Latinoamericanos16 31 Historically, almost the entire Venezuelan legislative body National Assembly has been the president followers, with the exception of the current period where the opposition socialimso the most recent legislative elections. Bolivia is currently a plurinational state in conflict by the tension between the two conceptions of development: