“Eigenbeleg”. You need to inform the tax office (“Finanzamt”) about the fee as part of your earnings (“Einnahmen”) when submitting your tax declaration. Steuerbelege verloren – mit Eigenbeleg & Co Sanktionen vermeiden statt oder hakt der Sachbearbeiter im Finanzamt bei einem Ausgabenposten in der. Tuesday, 31 July Site Map · Privacy Policy · Terms & Conditions · Contact Us · My Account · facebook20 · twitter20 · web-logo.

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I no longer have the support of a tax advisory and will have to do it on my own. February the total amount of your employees’ gross salaries, and up till Is my Indian house rental agreement is fine?

As you indicated, I guess it valid to claim.

Filing a tax return – help on how to file – Page 36 – Finance – Toytown Germany

You are only allowed to claim as an expense two-thirds of the cost. The profits from both the garden and the house will simply be added up in the end, so the Finanzamt won’t mind, no matter how you split it up. Yes I will call to the numbers lister in the eigsnbeleg. Before going to any one, I want to get clarity on some of my situations as my family my wife and kid moved to Germany In August What have you been doing all this time?!

This is then called an Eigenbeleg and the Finanzamt has to accept it in lieu of the invoice you lost. At the start of January or end of Decemberthe Finanzamt sent me the two Fragebogen that I enquired about here. However, your prior, non-German income will also be taken into account, see Calculating my tax refundso don’t think that just because you only worked for a month in Germany in that you will automatically get back all the income tax you paid.


Posted 26 Apr This link seems to have moved Just be careful you don’t claim double your real costs i. Regarding the garden, the house and garden were split up about thirty years ago, and so I bought them both separately in i.

Filing a tax return – help on how to file

Lastly, might it be worth my e-mailing these questions to the Finanzamtor will that simply stir up a hornets’ nest, and give them more opportunities to make me run around jumping through more hoops? Percentage of school fees to be attributed to you: Go To Topic Listing Finance.

Disabled or orphaned child: What happens if you transact over Also, consider the example that Panda gave for the UK plugs, vs. From post it seems this is only applicable if you had dual household maintenance?

You write an Eigenbelegi. Child care costs Kindergarten, private child care, help with homework – no extra tuition! I’ll try not to ask any more questions, I promise. Usually working days but 14 are not unusual. The invoices I have from the Dachdecker and Zimmermann are easy enough to copy, but there must be at least a hundred fluttery little receipts from the guesthouse one a week every summer for about four years.

However, you should do yourself a favour and first glue them in chronological order onto sheets of paper, and only then copy each invoice amount into Excel I would suggest doing that extra piece of paper “Anschaffungskosten Haus” in Excelthat way you can be sure that that calculation really reflects all the invoices you have.


I still not decided how to file my tax forby tax advisor or tax payers association.

Questions about Taxes and Frozen accounts. – Finance – Toytown Germany

There is no need to “declare” the transfer to anyone else and no taxation liability for the ffinanzamt, assuming the money is yours in the first place. And so I waited until January.

You never said anything about a garden. I have spent considerable money for legal verification of my marriage certificate to get family re-union visa for my spouse. One final quick question: If yes can you tell me what is the best way to talk to finanzamt by mail or in person.

Am I missing a trick here?

Questions about Taxes and Frozen accounts.

Screen shots of filled-in Anlage Kind for different constellations, just click on constellation that fits you e. After your detailed step by step account of how to fill out the tax return for I wondered if you could additionally provide details for the Anlage kind form? If all the above fails and after you have explained the situation in full to the German Finanzamt so that they aren’t surprised by what you will now dojust let the German Finanzamt issue the tax Bescheid as if you were single and then within 30 days of the date it was issued, write the German Finanzamt a letter telling them that you object to it: