View latest WetFeet’s Documents. Deutsche Bank in Asia · Read more · Careers in Investment Banking, Edition: WetFeet Insider Guide. Read more . The bank—and what makes it tick ☆ Key jobs at Deutsche Bank in Asia ☆ Corporate culture Website: Deutsche bank in asia Edition. Deutsche Bank (Paperback) / Creator: WetFeet ; ; Books.

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Because the Asian markets are growing and changing so quickly, employees in the region must work closely together and remain open to new assignments. They produce high yields, unless they go into default. See the movie Wall Street for a Hollywood portrayal of such an event.

The significance of this around bonus time each year is unclear. International issuing business that is, issuing credit to corporations and governments became more important baank Germany moved from being a debtor to a creditor nation.

He has a few comments on the overall layout so I start editing accordingly. Pitch book Investment bankers spend as much time pitching deals as they do working on them. Return to my desk bano get a call from a client asking for a comparable analysis of global telecom players from the last 12 months.

At a glance teammates to hold you up and support you. The tables are based on a single set of globally consistent criteria and transaction classifications that bring reliability to an otherwise subjective and changing set of numbers.

On the trading floor, your hours are set by the market: Study its corporate wetdeet careers websites thoroughly, and do a library search for articles about Deutsche Bank. This guide addresses opportunities in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo, where nearly all graduates studying at overseas universities will be placed in the region.


Head to the office and start checking emails that came in overnight from other regions and clients. The internship in Asia commences with all interns undergoing an intensive first week of training. Finish up my day and leave for home. WetFeet is a Universum company. The guy sitting next to you is really important. The learning curve is very steep and you have to quickly adapt to new situations.

WetFeet’s Documents

Full-Time Recruiting Interviews Because deadlines for full-time applications are earlier than internship applications, Deutsche Bank recruiters conduct full-time interviews for U. Buy side and sell side Buy side refers to institutional buyers of securities, specifically asset management firms, mutual funds, and pensions.

Do a final check before I send the discussion materials to the head of TMT for review. Analysts and associates we spoke with agreed. Notice a potential breach and call my VP to discuss. Insiders tell us that putting together pitch books can be pretty dull and repetitive, especially for low-on-the-totem-pole analysts. Resumes like this immediately jump out. Comps are spreadsheet models A bond or security that can be exchanged for shares of common stock of the issuing company.

The deal closes at the lowest price at which all the shares would be sold.

Deutsche Bank in Asia – PDF Free Download

LTM Last 12 months. On the Job 8: Deutsche Bank is culturally not a German bank. Working within a diverse workplace and within fast-paced, emerging markets will wetfeeg you to the test professionally, but expect to be challenged and rewarded outside the office as well.


Receive an email from my associate informing me that we need to prepare discussion bamk for the head of Technology, Media, and Telecom TMT for his meeting with a key software-chip manufacturer in Taiwan. Speak to a vendor about an upcoming domestic marketing event to determine how many giveaways and brochures to send.

Developing and administrating employee compensation and benefits, coordinating the hiring process, strategizing outsourcing, and planning employee events are just a handful of potential responsibilities.

Undergraduates are offered roles as analysts, and MBAs are offered roles as associates. Recruiters say this time is a chance to introduce yourself to the bank and show some of the personality behind your resume.

It was like learning to ride a bike. Our team has a nice international feel to it, and everyone knows how to have fun. Reconcile cash and position against exchange. It also includes a coverage function consisting of corporates, financial institutions, and German mid-caps.

Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei Auslan Candidates should take the time to either put together a concise, well-laid-out summary of their experience and schooling, or go to their career services office for guidance.