Club rooms & weirdos Author: Kimidori-san Genre: Fluff, Humor, College!AU, Crack Rating: pg Pairings: Kaisoo(main), Hunhan, Baekyeol Summary: It takes. Anonymous said: Do you know if Clubrooms and Weirdos is posted anywhere else besides by the original author? She deleted her account. EXO Fanfic Recs · @exo_rec. My personal library of EXO Fanfiction that I thought I’d make public incase anyone’s ever looking for a fic.

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Sometimes attraction is lethal, especially when the two people want completely different things. Lu Han is determined to do his part to keep their business afloat — but wait, one of their Korean rivals is pretty cute. Hunhan no character deaths just so fluffy. Kris continues to be more evil. wdirdos

Somehow, this only seems to cause even more problems. Joonmyun adopts Jongin the catboy. He watches as Byun Baekhyun strolls into the room, toned arms bared, all milky-skinned and smooth-haired, looking like a goddamn Guess model.

This is the tale of a quirky courtship involiving flowers, weirdoss music and shy, awkward coversations. Unfortunately that privilege has been revoked until further notice.

Less Than Three, Promise Me: After helping his neighbour Yixing, a gay university student, through a difficult break up, they start to become closer. Finally, Jongin and Kyungsoo will stop running around and face their feelings for one another.

After discovering that his crush works for a phone sex line, Jongin has been making frequent calls to his workplace just to be able to talk to him. They say that love can happen in the blink of an eye.

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Park Chanyeol, a bright, overly happy art student meets Byun Baekhyun cold, dangerous gang member who wants nothing to do with him. Sehun is the epitome of friendzoned. Junmyeon owns a small bookstore and he hires kitty Jongin as a live-in shop assistant. As he loses consciousness, Yixing thinks he sees a dark shadow cover him, then everything becomes black. Baekhyun does homework and Chanyeol is weird. Luhan shields his heart from Sehun, refusing to fall for his younger friend.

Jongin continues to be evil. He still counts on his fingers. Taoris, Hunhan, Kaisoo, slight! Of Briefcase and Breakfast: Suchen, mentions of Baekyeol Description: Where Sehun cpubrooms for Jongin, his new college roommate, and Luhan is absolutely no help.

Lykos I Kaisoo I R. They are practical and rational and process like a math equation or a map. Kris is a bored student at Weirvos who stumbles upon an interesting find in the Forbidden Forest. Aka Hunhan Do the Do.

EXO Fanfic Rec #1 (KAISOO, BAEKYEOL, HUNHAN) | K-Pop World FanFics Amino

Sehun is a wedding planner. Except, well, he kind of does. AU, Romance, Horror, possible! Then, without warning, he was free, free from the prison, free from the crime they accused anv of comitting and free from the past.

Page after page the sheets fill up. Jongin comes home to find his kitty in need of some attention.

Asking Someone to Prom Takes a lot of Balls: To say the least, chaos ensues. The third kiss [ revelation ].


K-Pop World FanFics

Yixing should weeirdos afraid, but his self-preservation instincts have been failing him as of late. Luhan should never have left China.

Jongin finds himself again when Kyungsoo decides to be a wejrdos presence in his life. Lu Han was not in a good place when he first came to Korea. The smaller one whimpers, just barely, as Jongin bites into the pillow softness of his lower lip. When their owners finally welrdos to find a mate for them – what exactly will happen? Angst kind ofDrama, Romance, Band! When Chanyeol asks Xiumin to help him make Valentines chocolate, Xiumin is a bit more curious than he should be about who his friend wants to give them to.

One morning, EXO wakes up and Kyungsoo is four years old.

In which they give up their aspirations for each other. Jongin is the thing of the devil. Baekyeol, Kaisoo, Hunhan and Fanxing Description: But their relationship begins to alter when they begin sharing an apartment and Baekhyun becomes attracted to a more grown up, more assertive Sehun.

I Hunhan I PG Everytime his relationships get clubroooms, he freaks out.

Reasons Why Luhan is Perfect: And Baekhyun knows the perfect guy for the job.