Note that every unqualified variable is automatically considered to be in context this, so that a reference to the variable $(foo) is identical to referencing. CFEngine Homepage. Version Design Center ยท Enterprise API Reference; Syntax, identifiers and names The CFEngine 3 language has a few simple rules. The purpose of the cfengine reference manual is to collect together and document the raw facts about the different components of cfengine. Once you have.

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The control section is a sequence of declarations which looks something like the following example:. This means that variables or macros defined in imported files are only defined after the main program.

Windows share paths double backslashes also need escaping. There are also problems with NetBSD. Variable IndexUp: The file is broken up into manageable pieces for convenience. Plugin modules may be used to activate classes using special algorithms. The space you have remaining could, for example, be used for software with a special license for that host.

Add the following line to the configuration immediately! Bundles for serverPrevious: For example, to edit every user’s login files, you would write.

The symbolic links function is one of referencee greatest plusses in cfengine as a system administration tool. This variable switches on the parser-output level whereby cfengine reports non-fatal warnings. When and where are promises made? Each host must also know what convention is used for the broadcast address. It is not possible to set ACLs in foreign cells currently using cfengine, but you can still have all of your ACL definitions in the same file.


This allows you to disable a file and replace it by a link to another file for instance. Cfengine attempts to prevent this during remote copies. The number of regerence descriptors is a resource which you can often set in the shell. David’s script is nice since sendmail was the inspiration for cfengine’s name. One of the things it allows you to do is specify a “finish” script.

The value of this parameter decides the size of files to be deleted. Consider the following link: Function isexecutableUp: The homeservers declaration need only be used if you are using cfengine’s model for mounting NFS filesystems.

For this list to make sense you need to stick to a rigid convention for mounting your filesystems under a single naming scheme as described in the section mentioned above. The default values for these options are the empty string for the referejce pattern, zero for the recursion and a specification of the age is compulsory.

CFEngine Documentation – Home

Run cfengine with options: For some reason they fail to find and end-of-file for an exiting child process and go into a deadlock trying to read from an already dead process. That is why I want exec to work. CFEngine Enterprise can maintain complete control of the state of all Windows services.


It is fed one argument by cfengine, namely the system hard-class for the current system e. This is a command which configures the static routing table and appears to be absent from all versions of Linux and newer IRIX versions.

The default size is zero so that any file which gets matched by another critereon is deleted. For example, you might wish to mount or locate directly if you are not using a separate partition for home directories your home directories under mountpattern in directories u1u2 and so on. An access control list is an extended file permission. Cfagent introUp: Function getfieldsPrevious: This would be an enourmous overhead, so it is not done.

GNU cfengine

Directories cannot be copied in this way. You should compile without thread support. Software componentsUp: During the installation procedure, the configure script tests for this possibility and advises you if the facility cannot refernce used.

Function changedbeforePrevious: This requires the DCE library to be present on the system on which you are compiling.

Function peersUp: On most systems it is likely to be