Callum and Harper grew up in the foster care system and meet in a social services office after suffering from turning 18 yrs old. They are. Callum Tate. Life sucks for orphans Callum Tate and Harper Bailey. Kicked out of their foster homes because they suffer the ‘eighteen disease’. Read Callum & Harper online free from your Mobile, Pc. Callum & Harper is a Romance novel by Fisher Amelie.

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So yea, this insta love crap people are bashing If I was being supremely picky I’d say that Callum was a little girly with his POV, but you can completely get over that and get sucked in to adoring these messed up, desperate, gorgeous characters!

Until she decided to lock her door at night and he would pound on her door waking the family up. However, from an early age Callum determines from an early age to make something of himself, to define his own worth.

Book Review: Callum and Harper (Sleepless #1) by Fisher Amelie

This LOVE right here is what life is about. The tragic journey they go through broke my heart!!

Why did I not read this sooner!? I wanted her so much I could barely breathe straight.


Callum & Harper

The two simplest tenses, really. This is not that book. He offers her a ride on his motorcycle. I caloum to say that a lot of people loved this book, so maybe it’s me who has the problem. The actual writing itself was gorgeous though and I loved how all the characters spoke and interacted.

Callum & Harper (Sleepless, #1) by Fisher Amelie

But all in all it was a wonderful read and the HEA is very cute: This will definitely be a re-read for me. The moment they laid eyes on each other, you’ll know there was a chemistry between gy. I meant what I said before. Adored Callum and Harper. It was so obvious. That shit was intense.

Fisher Amelie, Sleepless series January 7, at 9: Clalum Books Online Books to read online. I picked it up and unfolded it. That psyco really threatened their life. Kicked out of their foster homes because they suffer the ‘eighteen disease’ with nothing but a hundred dollar check from the government and a pat on the back, they’re forced to rely on a system that failed them miserably.

I have a whole new appreciation for the people and things in it.

That was Callum, pretty much in a nutshell. A really lovely story!

Review | Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie

Actually I cried about every chapter but the last pages or so were nonstop sobs and screaming. There were few happy moments for Ca,lum and Harper. While the time line for how their relationship progresses is the teensiest bit on the unbelievable side, it is one that builds at a lovely simmer and just begs you to keep turning the page.


The only complaint I have is that it ended and I want to know if the human harpwr clock is a baby. And seeing it written down in full view in vivid detail is so much worse. My brain is still fogged and my eyes are stil WOW, oh my Jesus. At some point i was so close to not finishing it, i understand why people do it, the story is hard-to-get-through ’cause i wanted to enter into the book and hit Callum and Harper, equally.

They were being chased by some fiisher bag who was so demented and sick, he made Sebastian look sane. He ruined many lives to get to her. My first by this author but definitely not my last!!!