1 fan ( mm). Connectors be quiet! Straight Power BQT EW. Type of connector for the motherboard: 20+4 pin. Number of connectors 4-pin CPU: 2. The be quiet! Straight Power BQT E The be quiet! BQ T E W. W. 6W. 12,5 W. 30A. 30A. 0,5A. W. – Va c. 50 – 60Hz. 10 – 5A. W. Be quiet! no unknown quantity is surely manufacturer, if it concerns power packs. In Silencerkreisen by the earlier P5 and P6 and the.

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I’ll post some updates when I’ve done the recapping and the possible fan replacement, or if I run into any additional problems. Average score Excludes all products with a lower average score than your choice. Find More Posts by mockingbird. Pure Power 11 W. Power supplies are now coming into their own in the PC-build market with an increasingly large number of builders, including first-timers, recognizing the need for high-end, stable PSUs to drive their custom rigs.

Dark Power Pro Watt. It prevents startup and can fry 5VSB related components due to them running hot. Be quiet Dark Power Pro 10 W. The only way to add a resistor or a pot temporarily to the thermistor is by soldering it in on the bottom of the PCB The attached photos are from a E parts unit.


Originally Posted by Scenic. Their plight, in fact is even worse, they don’t realize that they’re cantonists, they think they’re free men. Bqr you very much for comments!

There will be no compensation issues with a low power output like that. Pure Power 9 W. The PSU in the attached pics isn’t that bad in terms of amount of white gunk. Pure Power 10 CM.

Be Quiet! Reviews | TechPowerUp Review Database

Dark Power Pro P10 W. These would be much easier to get.

The current fan is rated for 86CFM, which is plenty. Needs to be a good quality low-esr cap cause the fans on e5-500s PSUs literally produce no airflow whatsoever till the PSU is cooking and the fan controller decides to wake up and provide more than just 3V!

Join our Consumer Panel! Straight Power 10 CM W.

Join our Consumer Panel!

Remember, both fans on the SP-xxx are controlled by the same thermistor. Average score from experts who have reviewed this product. Dark Pwer Pro 11 W. Personally, I just put a resistor in parallel with the thermistor, so that the controller bbqt up sooner. Das haben wenigstens wir uns gefragt als das Netzteil ausgepackt wurde. Straight Power 11 W and W.


Scroll down and see all reviews for Be Quiet! BeQuiet Straight Power Straight Power E8 W.

Don’t use Nichicon HM, they are motherboard grade caps, not suitable for power supplies. Straight Power 11 W. Dark Power Pro 11 W. No wonder it doesn’t work! I can’t see an issue with using ultra low ESR caps on a standby output.

Information about filters The filter functions help you to find the best products. Last edited by Scenic; at Those are probably for the main 5V rail. Eigentlich niemand — aber es is Concerns over PC noise have also begun More popular products from the same category.

I wouldn’t recommend you to replace uF caps with uF.

be quiet! Straight Power BQT E5-500W – Power Supplies specifications.

I hope you could help me with that. Dark Power Pro P8 W. The place near the heatsink though is so crammed, that there is practically no change of placing anything of larger diameter than 8mm. Post on the forums instead!