BPT VLS/ relay can be used to control auxiliary devices such as alarms, stairway lighting, additional bell system. It is housed in a protective casing with an . Bpt VLS/ Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bpt VLS/ Instruction Manual, Installation Instructions. BPT VLS/ BPTVLS BPT access control interface relay. AC/DC 10 to 24 volt. New, unused tested stock in original box with instructions. £ BPT.

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Cyclic operation If the system features more than one entry panel, it is possible to view all the video images in sequence by pressing “self-connection” on the receiver repeatedly. Panic Fls This function allows the user to send a silent alarm or emergency signal to the porter switchboard.

The The ra ratio tional na la layou yout o t of a f all ll l th the the comp mponents potentiomet meters, tterm ermina inals, micro roph phone ne etc etc. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Blue LEDs 8 for bac ckli klighting of keys with name label.

Bpt Vls 101

Terminals for control of riser bus and terminals for bus connection to 3 entry panels. The version with a Braille keypad, illuminated LEDs indicat tin ing ng th h he s e tatus us s of the the he system and large icons on the display panel, as well as the possibil bilit ity of voice m mes messag sa ag aging, en nsu nsure re e t that all the functions of Digitha blt be used by persons with hear arin ing and visual u im im mp ped dim im ments nts.

The call will utilize the main line riserwhich means that no other calls can be made between an entry panel and another receiver.

Mini USB connector for programming using the software tool. Tinned coppe per r wires. The video image from the entry panel making the call will be displayed on both the receivers engaged in the call.

Min Mini imum cable curvature 80 mm. The call can be interrupted by either of the receivers by replacing the handset for receivers with handset or interrupting the call for hands-free models. The indications ns sho sho shown wn in in n the t di diagr ag ams ar are t e the h same for Thangr ngram am d and and L Li Litho thos s entry panels. The number of power supply modules required depends on the number of entry panels and internal receivers in the audio or audio-video entry system.


The he he he h X1 X1 X1 X1 X X sys system tem em ca ca ca ca can b n b n b n b n be s e s e s e s e supp upp upp upp upp upplem lem lem lem ement ent ent ent ented ed ed ed ed by by by by by ins ins ins ins ins n tal tal tal tal tallin lin lin lin ling a g a g a g a g auxi uxi uxi uxi uxilia lia lia lia liary ry ry ry ry cam cam c era era as, s, rem rem rem rem remote ote ote ote ote ac ac ac ac actua tua tua tua tuator tor tor tor tors a s a s a s a s and nd nd nd nd man man man man many o y o y o y o y othe the the the ther f r f r f r f r feat eat ea eat eature ure ure ure ures.

See our Returns Policy. Plastic housing for installation in n ele electrical control panels EN Refer to the tables of characteristics s fo for the correct method of utilization and the technical performance data.

Fully co ompl mplian iant t with CEI -6 l l late ate atest st amendment.

BPT Audio & Video Entry Systems

We at BPT are firmly convinced that our Environmental Management System, together with the Quality Control system, is a significant factor in stimulating us to continue in our efforts towards maintaining and increasing our professional expertise in terms of the design and construction of the product.

The he im ima images ges c ca an b n b n be d e d e disp isp isplay layed ed e ed m man anually in seq sequence from the receivers using the “self-con onnection” n” fun functi ction.

All access control information stored on the PC is encrypted. Bppt consent is given by the devices, it is possible to make video calls from the entry panel to SIP telephones vsl to utilize DTMF tones for call activation.

The signal will be recorded in the events memory. The system can gpt set vlss for all the funct ctio ions directly using software. Can be used with any entry panel and with the supplementary pushbutton panel DP0. RAL yello low w. The unit is housed in bpr casing measuring xx26 WxDxH. Key for access to programming mode. Blue LEDs 8 for backlighting of keys with name label. Accessories s f fo or r iin ns st ta al llation DD DDSI V VR R code Em mbe be edd dding 1011 f for Digitha entr try y p panels in brushed st stai ainl nles ess s st stee eel Wit W th s h self-locki cking couplings and pre-for formed m push-out aperture ures f fo or wiring conduits.

Line i e imp mpedan anc ce clo vle sure j e jum umper for r ea each ch output. The por rt ter te ter sw switc itchbo hbo hboard ard ar can also be us sed ed to to cal call t l t the he rec eceiv eivers ers rs d di di dir rec rectly and t to o transfer calls made from the entry panels. The call can be interrupted by either of the receivers by replacing the handset for receivers with handset or interrupting the call for handsfree models.


At this point, the operator may: Supplied in m or m coils.

BPT videocitofonia eng

T Th he video eo cam ameras can n be e e c co connected ted to to the syst stem em pow we er er s sup supply modu dules s o or directly ly t to t th the gatew teways ays via d dedi edicat cated sel elect ector ors.

The proximity keys or the access c cod ode de des s s can be pr pro pro rogr g grammed manually in jus ust a t a fe f w seconds. Complete with output t t te erminals for power supply to devices U Up to different codes can an be be ha handl ndled ed by by ma manual pr pr progra am mming, g, an and up to 1,50by programming with th so softw ftware tools.

Featuring the same style and design as the latest-generation video receivers, the new line offers two separate models: Supplied in m coils. As well as the traditional world of telephone communications, XIP can today interface with SIP telephones and third-party VoIP switchboards, which are increasingly popular in the world of services because these provide a series of advanced functions that cannot be handled by traditional telephone systems.

Minimum cable curvature mm. DPS code Single pushbutton complete with support and external protective cover, transparent UV-resistant polycarbonate Name window. PVC insulating sheath, diameter 8 mm, colour: A single entry pane nel w l with double pushbuttons can serve up to eight lines. Systems can also be set up to display not only video images from the individual “block”, but also those of the “main” entry panels i.

Using embroidery, yarn, and and wool artist ana teresa barboza creates landscapes and other imagery that exists in the spa.

White metro tiles on the walls and patterned bathroom tiles on the floor is a winning combination that looks stunning. Designed for installation on DIN guides either on the wall or built into w wat atertight embedding boxe xes s.