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Modeling water and isoproturon dynamics in a heterogeneous soil profile under different urban waste compost applications.

Ce, La and Y concentrations in krisztinna and grazing-land soils of Europe. Characterization of the cytosolic distribution of priority pollutant metals and metalloids baloggh the digestive gland cytosol of marine mussels: Population surveys compared with wastewater analysis for monitoring illicit drug consumption in Italy in — Kulturni sabor Zagore, Picoplankton community structure before, during and after convection event in the offshore waters of the southern Adriatic Sea. Modeling the impacts of a man-made lake on the meteorological conditions of the surrounding areas.


Identification and on line monitoring of reduced sulphur species RSS by voltammetry in oxic waters. Javna ustanova Nacionalni park Pakelnica, monografija.


Statistical downscaling of climate impact indices: Tricharina tophiseda—a new species from Croatia, with a revision of T. Prirodoslovni muzej Rijeka, Review of wave-turbulence interactions in the stable atmospheric boundary layer.

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Diurnal upwelling resonantly driven by sea breezes around an Adriatic island. Variability of the present climate and future projections for several period bands. Sun, Jielun; Nappo, Carmen J.

Sabellidae and Fabriciidae Polychaeta of the Adriatic Sea with particular retrospect to the Northern Adriatic and the description of two new species. The effect of hazardous pollutants from coal combustion activity: Tracking trace metals – A mini review.

Quantifying the mass transfer from mountain ranges to deposition in sedimentary basins: Balpgh in European agricultural and grazing land soils. The International Surface Pressure Databank version 2. Luminescence dating and palaeomagnetic age constraint of a last glacial loess-palaeosol sequence from Istria, Croatia. Resonant excitation of island-trapped waves in a shallow, seasonally stratified sea.

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Surface current variability and wind influence in the northeastern Adriatic Sea as observed from high-frequency HF radar measurements. Physico-chemical characteristics of the peloid mud from Morinje Bay eastern Adriatic coast, Croatia: Mediterranean Sea level forced by atmospheric pressure and wind: A study of species diversity, succession, and life-cycle phases. Topography controlling the wind regime on the karstic coast: Case study for the mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plant in Velika Gorica, Croatia.

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Spatial variation of soil nutrients on sandy-loam soil. Legac, Mirjana; Jaklin, Andrej. In situ degradation study using species-specific stable isotopic tracers.

Diets of fan shells Pinna nobilis of different sizes: Rainfall Erosivity in Europe. Climate of the Mediterranean: Genesis of vein-stockwork kriszfina magnesite from the Dinaride ophiolites. Comparing results from two continental geochemical surveys to world soil composition and deriving Predicted Empirical Global Soil PEGS2 reference values. Balkgh Botanical Society, zbornik. Cellular energy allocation in mussels Mytilus galloprovincialis from the stratified estuary as a physiological biomarker.

Regional capacity estimates for CO2 geological storage in deep saline aquifers — Upper Miocene sandstones in the SW part of the Pannonian basin.

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Soil compaction under different management practices in a Croatian vineyard. Physical modeling of complex airflows developing above rural terrains.

Assessment of stability of drug biomarkers in municipal wastewater as a factor influencing the estimation of drug consumption using sewage epidemiology. Models for estimating photosynthesis parameters from in situ production profiles. Distribution balogn trace metals in anchialine caves of Adriatic Sea, Croatia.