Atri (Sanskrit: अत्रि) or Attri is a Vedic sage, who is credited with composing a large number of hymns to Agni, Indra and other Vedic deities of Hinduism. Atri is . Atri Smriti. Katyayna Smriti. Parashara Smriti. Manu Smriti. Aushanasa Smriti. Harita Smriti. Gautama Smriti. Yama Smriti. Upsmritis. 1. What Atri Smriti is saying is, that (santapana) is the punishment for having unnatural sexual intercourse with any female animals except a cow.

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Atri Smriti, Chapter 1, Verse ” Sri Dattatreya First ed. One of the ancient texts of this tradition is Atri Samhitawhich survives in highly inconsistent fragments of manuscripts. The Immortal Guru, Yogin, and Avatara.

11 Atri Smriti : Dr. Narinder Sharma : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Translation Sanskrit to English English to Sanskrit. And I am not like a wanton brute who would like to talk dirty things here. Oh ok just now realised what you are actually asking. The Aitereya Brahmana 8. Here is what the Atri Smriti says in context: Mandala 5 comprises 87 hymns, mainly to Agni and Indrabut also to the Visvedevas “all the gods’ smrii, the Marutsthe twin-deity Mitra-Varuna and the Asvins.

Jamison ; Joel P. Sriti Atri hymns of the Rigveda are significant for their melodic structure as well as for featuring spiritual ideas in the form of riddles. So this was all the case of misinterpretation.

The mention about Atri is found in various scriptures, with the notable msriti in Rig Veda. He sought all the three to be born to him.


Rigveda Yajurveda Samaveda Atharvaveda. When instructed by divine voice to do penance, Atri readily agreed and did severe penance.

Definitions of Chandrayana and Samtapana penances from Manu Smriti are given below: They had three sons, DattatreyaDurvasas and Soma. This is called Dana. It was all misinterpretation due to not studying preceding verses.

I am giving both the verses here. And thank you that you understood smrii. Can a man discharge semen in a cow.

Gayatri is to be received as a diksha initiated into mantra from an elderly person who is Rama visiting Atri’s hermitage. Yes I now understood. Santapana is relatively a lot easy to perform. Atri’s wife is Anasuya, a daughter of Kardama Prajapati.

You are really so great. Views Read Edit View history. Subsisting on the urine of cows, cowdung, milk, sour milk, clarified butter, and a decoction of Kusagrass, and fasting during one day atgi night, that is called a Samtapana Krikkhra. State University of New York Press. I just asked- why would Atri say that we should not discharge semen in any inhuman female other than cow. For the town in Italy, see Atri, Abruzzo.

It is meditation and also By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. He is also associated with various ages, the notable being in Treta Yuga during Ramayanawhen he and Anasuya advised Rama and his wife Sita.

He lived in a hermitage at Dandakavanam and Rama visited him and learned about the secret of dharma Ramayana 2. skriti

The Vaikhanasas continue to be a significant community in South India, and they adhere to their Vedic heritage. Enmity between Brahmana and Ksatriyas: Another version of the legend states that Anasuya, by the powers of her chastity, rescued the three gods and in return, they were born as children to her.


A rati; An act of worship with lighted lamp accompanied by Mantra chanting or group prayer From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And that’s why i often find myself in trouble on internet forums: The pair is also attributed to bringing river Ganga down to earth, the mention of which is found in Shiva Purana. Purana Atri’s wife is Ari, a daughter of Kardama Prajapati.

This article is about a Vedic sage. Gayatri is a celebrated vedic chandas or meter. If material or spiritual pain is created by others, and one is not offended and does not wreak revenge, it is called Dama. By discharging semen into inhuman females except a cowinto smrifi woman in [her] menses, into others sjriti have no female organs i. Other Hindu sages Portal.

It is unclear if these refer to the same person, or to different Rishis who had the same name.

11 Atri Smriti

Upanishad uses the word vidya as a technique to do spiritual Sadana. Vritra Susna Dasas Danu Danavas. Intercourse with all animals is forbidden, it’s just that the Prayaschitta required is more arduous in the case of a cows than in the case of atru animal.

It consisting of 24 syllables – generally arranged