Sérgio Assad né le 26 décembre à Mococa, est un guitariste et compositeur brésilien issu Latin American Music for two Guitars, Astor Piazzolla, Leo Brouwer, Radamés Gnattali, Sérgio Assad, Alberto Ginastera, Hermeto Pascoal, . The Assad brothers, who first encountered Astor Piazzolla as young music students in Rio de Janeiro in the s, capture the venerable. Assad on Arranging Classical Guitar. Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more. Joey Lusterman March

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But some of them do, of course. Please try again later.

Sérgio Assad — Wikipédia

Tuesday, July 17, – Cal Performances at the University of California, Berkeley, has announced its —12 season, which will feature performances from a number of performers familiar to readers of the Nonesuch Journal: What would I call what I did with the Nazareth? So you have to choose the notes you want to keep there to keep the integrity of the chord, and the harmony. I probably changed keys here and there too, because the guitar is good piaszolla certain keys where you have open strings.

Join the mailing list. There are classical-labeled composers like Ginastera or Piazzoola, composers like Jobim that are really traditional Brazilian music, and then you have someone like Piazzolla who sits right in the middle.

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Sergio & Odair Assad: Latin American Music for Two Guitars

I worked for so many years with just the two guitars that I thought it was impossible to add another instrument. Their younger sister Badi Assadis also a guitarist.

And it was there that the three of us convened late one afternoon, as the sun was setting across San Francisco Bay, for a freewheeling conversation about arranging. For instance, in the second movement, the prestissimohe plays here [left hand and right hand far apart on the keyboard], really distant, so what did I do?

Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more

But I managed to bring things into the guitar world. I think of the distance between two notes in order to make it legato, but if the distance is too long.

Retrieved November 16, So I had to do all the scordatura, like getting down to B, which is a tricky thing to do because the string starts to be too loose, and to do that in a concert is risky. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was still with his quintet and most of the manuscripts were not published.

Latin American Music for Two Guitars. It became an important piece in the guitar world, and helped make the popularity of Piazzolla take off.

That was a different approach altogether. It feels as though a lot of guitarists are diving into Ravel and Debussy these days with interesting results. Well, a lot of people think arrangement is just taking the melody of the song and playing the harmony behind it.


Do you consider that transcribing? And, asad course, he also knows how it feels physically to play it. His “Aquarelle” for solo guitar was chosen as the required contemporary work for the Guitar Foundation of America Competition in Miami. Over the last twenty years Assad has concentrated most of his efforts on building a repertoire for the guitar duo. Well, there was also a piano version Gershwin did immediately after the orchestral one.

Subscription sales begin pjazzolla Friday.

Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more – Classical Guitar

Retrieved May 23, The end of the first movement is exactly what I did. It depends on how slow it is. But even if you do have two it might not be enough.

With something like the Nazareth are aasad working exclusively from original piazsolla, or do you listen to recordings, too? You can always do it differently. The collaboration with Salerno-Sonnenberg inspired Sergio to write the triple concerto “Originis” for violin, two guitars and chamber orchestra.