Art interprets the visible world, physics charts its unseen workings–making the two realms seem completely opposed. But in Art & Physics, Leonard Shlain tracks. “Art and physics, like wave and particle, are an integrated duality: They are simply two different but complementary facets of a single description. A California surgeon explores the striking parallels in the evolution of Western art and science in this enlightening exploration of where ideas.

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He offers such a fresh perspective on how the artists using the laws of phys Accidentally discovered this book from the bookshelf of shlwin professor.

Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light

And, more interesting to be honest. And this is the second time, within a short time span, that I feel duty-bound to post a not-so-positive review of a book that has been rated so highly by the overwhelming majority of readers.

I didn’t feel like I focused on it enough. Borrowed it and finished it in four days. In my opinion this statement, in aft generality, is virtually meaningless.

Praise for Leonard Shlain’s Books

Pretty mystical stuff for a surgeon-turned-popular science writer. Here the author is referring to general relativity. What, he wondered, was modern art trying to communicate, and why was so much of modern leonqrd difficult to comprehend? Artists, when asked, are unable to articulate their prescience. What is so great about splashed on paint?

I point out this last detail because I think non-professional works of high intellectual ambition are pretty rare. It’s a little like the movie “What the Bleep ,” but better because you can go back an re-read and discuss.


Artists are nonverbal prophets who translate their visions into symbols before there are words: Shlain’s suggestion that scientists have not so much been inspired by artists but physiccs received initial inspiration from the same source–bringing to mind the possibility of a universal mind from which such ideas spring–is an intriguing one that offers a new window through which to view the dissemination of knowledge and ideas.

But this is also a book that is deeply flawed, riddled with scientific and historical inaccuracies, defined by a questionable methodological approach, and directed at proving an outlandish and utterly unconvincing thesis.

Art and Physics explores how different styles of art from ancient times to the modern era have treated space, time, and light; then compares the artistic vision to the work of scientists trying to grasp those same concepts.

Praise for Leonard Shlain’s Books – Leonard Shlain | Best-selling Author

From teh classical Greek sculptors to Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, and from Aristotle to Einstein, aritsts have foreshadowed the discoveries of scientists, such as when Money and Cezanne intuited the coming upheaval in physics that Einstein would initiate.

Does he not know who was the actual major contributor to the defeat of Germany? Dec 09, Julie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Julie by: Sep 16, Sara rated it really liked it Shelves: I bought it without realizing it was the same author. That the Greeks invented vowels and Museums were schools dedicated to the muses! On the contrary, for small black holes the tidal forces would kill even well before the astronaut reaches the event horizon.

Jul 03, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves: In this lively and colorful narrative, Leonard Shlain explores how artistic breakthroughs could have prefigured the visionary insights of physicists on so many occasions throughtout history. Contrary to popular belief, keonard strength of such tidal forces is inversely proportional to the size of the black hole.


The overall thesis of this book is, condensed in a few words, that art manages, in some mysterious way, to pre-cognitively anticipate science.

Art & Physics | by Leonard Shlain

It is a book that does contain some very interesting and original insights, and it is well written in a beautiful, engaging and fluent prose; the author is also quite brilliant as an art critic, and proficient and knowledgeable as an art historian.

An exuberant stylist, he vividly mingles lucid explanations with colorful anecdotes to provide memorable intellectual thrills. Jun 30, Marc Nash rated it it was amazing. This statement demands some serious clarification.

We spontaneously drove the four hours to Aspen to see comic book writer Grant Morrison. Paperbackpages.

Lists with This Book. Because both speak of what is certainly to come, however, it is incumbent upon us to learn to understand them.

I imagine he might be referring to the phenomenon of quantum entanglement. Not even lying–her sister’s name is Summer and her brother’s name is Ian.