A Jornada do Escritor – Christopher Vogler. 2 likes. Book. Report. A Jornada do Escritor. NC. Nathalia Corsi. Updated 29 June Transcript. Christopher vogler. Mundo Comum. A Jornada do escritor. Choose a . Get this from a library! A jornada do escritor estruturas míticas para escritores. [ Christopher Vogler; Ana Maria Machado].

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A character’s goals, the obstacles they face to get to said goal, and the character’s decision to face them or turn away.

And while the book does focus on screenplays and filmic storytelling, the ideas are universal and can easily be translated to prose or any other kind of storytelling formats. This book rates ten joranda. This book is an excellent structure for both new writers looking to hone their structure and veterans who want to revisit and compare their story structure with this classic model.

Many of these points are so vague as to be meaningless, chirstopher others can be simplified or even removed. While I have read other books dealing with the theories of JC, this takes them and shows how to apply them to a story.

At the end of each chapter is a series of questions for you to answer about your own WIP, making it clear where the gaps are. Revisiting The Writer’s Journey as a writer myself of about two decades and seeing how writing has changed over the course of the time puts this in a new light.

Chdistopher found this left me skimmmng and not chritopher so much near the end. The book was very well received upon its release, and is often featured in recommended reading lists for student screenwriters. Views Read Edit View history. Momma dies 9 Reward: Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway.


A jornada do escritor estruturas míticas para escritores

Begins life as a cripple, with odds stacked against him 2 His quest becomes Jenny I learned a new way of looking at stories and movies from this book. Christopher Dhristopher Ana Maria Machado.

He shares credit on one German movie. Vogler is a movie-script writer and he focuses on popular movies as his examples, making it easier to familiarize yourself with the example if you haven’t seen it. Jenny contacts him, they come together, he learns he has a son! When you “spell” a word correctly, you are in effect casting a spell, jornsda these abstract, arbitrary symbols with meaning and power.

The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers by Christopher Vogler

I find this whole monomyth concept thoroughly overstated. I don’t think Joseph Campbell did the work he did because he wanted to create easy lesson for hacky screenwriters for some reason all these books vgler geared towards movies.

Oct 20, Eric Witchey rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Some of the example movies are a little dated in the Year of Our Lord Romancing the Stone, what’s that?

Christopher Vogler’s book is, in effect, a “Hero’s Journey” for dummies, with a screenwriting angle thrown in for good measure. That said, film buffs will also enjoy it. Bear in mind, though, these often seem to be movies written by writers who are consciously trying to apply Joseph Campbell to screenwriting, as George Lucas was.


It looks like a way voyler analyze what is going on in a movie, rather than a way to write a movie. At times I almost laughed out loud, because it was ridiculous. That was ten years ago, however, and lately I’ve become interested in mythic structure and archetype Since Vogler translates Campbell’s ideas about myth and archetype for modern storytelling, it seemed like a good place to start.

Extremely useful for helping me get in the head of my year-old redneck semi-retired hitman character. It’s doubly funny because from what I can tell, Vogler essentially rewrote Joseph Campbell while dumbing it down for writers. Christopher Vogler is a story consultant for major Hollywood filmmakers and writers. These last few weeks I have indeed read it cover to cover, but this time I ro a concrete goal in min When I first browsed tried to read this book 10 years ago I didn’t get passed the first 50 pages.

Vogler would be the first to admit that the Hero’s Journey is not a prescrip This is basically The Hero With a Thousand Faces turned into a self-help guide for aspiring screenwriters. One might best explain this book in applying one of its models – the journey stages – to a film many of us are familiar with. People see him as a wise man and follow his lead.