automobile pdf manual download also for sable view and download mercury mountaineer owners manual online mercury mountaineer Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual file PDF Book only if you are registered MERCURY MOUNTAINEER OWNER S MANUAL Pdf Download. [DOWNLOAD] Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read.

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Page Maintenance and care 3.

Mercury Mountaineer – Owner’s Manual – PDF ( Pages)

The reservoir is highlighted with a symbol. Each time you fill the tank, record the amount of fuel added in liters or gallons.

Displayed when the tire pressure monitoring system is turned off. Aftermarket products could cause damage to the fuel system.

Mercury Mountaineer 2002 Owner’s Manual

Make sure that the mat does not interfere with the operation of the accelerator or the brake pedal. Page 43 Controls and features reduce window fogging. Load the CD into the audio system. Each tire is equipped with a tire pressure sensor mounted on the wheel inside the tire behind the valve stem. Controls and features The RSS detects obstacles within approximately 1.

Roadside emergencies The fuses are coded as follows: Never use pillows, books, or towels to boost a child. Vehicle line, series, body type 4. Page Controls and features Programming your own personal entry code 1.

If you have questions regarding tire replacement, see an authorized Ford or Lincoln Mercury dealer. Following this, the outside temperature display will return mountainfer the window. Info menu This control displays the following control displays: Page Roadside emergencies 3. Remove the bulb holder from the lamp assembly by depressing the snaps. Turn the control to raise or lower volume. Plastic non-painted exterior parts Use only approved products to clean plastic parts.


Download the Mercury Mountaineer Owners Manual

Page 13 Instrumentation Turn signal Illuminates when the turn signals or the hazard lights are turned on. A, B, or C pillar trim, or manuaal headliner on a vehicle containing a Safety Canopy.

Page Seating and safety restraints When installing a child safety seat: If the light does not come on or the light flashes steadily, have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible, damage to the transmission could occur. Press and hold the just-trained HomeLink button and observe the red light.

Page 87 Controls and features Installing a garage door opener if equipped The storage compartment can be converted to accommodate a variety of aftermarket garage door openers: Controls and features CD units are designed to play commercially pressed 12 cm 4.

Sounding a panic alarm Press this control to activate the alarm. In addition, all seat belts should be checked for proper function. Page Filling station information Ensure the correct automatic transmission fluid is used.

Start the engine of the booster vehicle and run the engine at moderately increased speed. To complete installation, follow the removal procedure in reverse order. Insert the first previously programmed coded key into the ignition and turn the ignition from 2 ACC to 3 ON maintain ignition in 3 ON for at least one second. Flash to pass Pull toward you slightly to activate and release to deactivate. Maintenance and care Ford, Lincoln and Mercury car care products Your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury dealer has many quality products available to clean your vehicle and protect its finishes.

Page Driving Driving conditions which may activate AdvanceTrac include: Page Seating and safety restraints 7. Also see Air bag supplemental restraint system SRS in this chapter for special instructions about using air bags.

Add to my manuals Add. Make sure the oil level is not above the MAX hole on the engine oil level indicator dipstick.


Page Controls and features Opening the liftgate window Press the control to unlatch the liftgate window. Page Seating and safety restraints Press the control to move the seat forward, msrcury, up or down.

Driving You should either know the terrain or examine maps of the area before driving. Turn the ignition to the LOCK position and remove the key whenever you leave your vehicle.


Controls and features Radio reception factors Three factors can affect radio reception: Summary of Contents for Mercury Mountaineer Page 1 www. Pull the bulb straight out of the socket and push in the new bulb. Set the parking brake and ensure the gearshift is securely latched in P Park. Page Seating and safety restraints Types of booster seats There are two types of belt-positioning booster seats: Seating and safety restraints To exit the 3rd row seat, pull the red access control mrrcury up releasing the seat from the floor and rotate the seat up towards the front seat.

Check all battery terminals and remove any excessive corrosion before you attach the battery cables. Refer onwers Compass calibration adjustment. Page 20 Instrumentation Compass calibration adjustment Perform this adjustment in an open area free from steel structures and high voltage lines: If you ever smell exhaust fumes of any kind inside your vehicle, have your dealer inspect and fix your vehicle immediately. Page Seating and safety restraints To return the seat to the upright position: